View Full Version : Close Betrayal

Lost Welshman
02-22-2003, 09:39 AM
Have you ever been betrayed by a close friend.

Say you told your friend something, a secret, and they told someone who then told everyone. Making you feel gut wrenched or something?

Have you ever trusted a freind with something and they've let you down?

Have you and a friend ever liked the same girl/boy, but when your friend gets lucky doesn't tell you a thing, how would you feel if you found out?

02-22-2003, 10:07 AM
I used to have a friend named "Bob". we were best friends and I told him all my secrets and those things. then he goes and tells everyone he knows. that was so embarrassing. then I had two other friends. they were the best. we'd hang out together and have alot of fun. but then the got involved with drugs and other things that I stay away from. so one by one all of my friends drop out of my life. that was about 3 years ago and I haven't made any new friends since. my only remaining friend doesn't ever call me or seem to like me enough to get together. that's the story of my "friends". maybe that's why I've developed multiple personalities. I'm my own best friend:) .