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El Sitherino
02-22-2003, 10:35 AM
i usually hang out with some friends after school. watch some movies. (while on the internet). then i wait for my gf to come over at 7pm. then i leave it at that.

02-22-2003, 10:51 AM
i sleep, eat, and computer, that's bout it, oh, and i occationally go to school:p

Lost Welshman
02-22-2003, 10:51 AM
Ooooh, When I get home from school I watch tele. Then at 6 I turn on my computer, go on the net. At 8 I do homework. At 10 Im Tired, and 11 I sleep.

On weekends or holidays, I sit at my computer desk pondering life, then I go on Msn, and chat. Usually screwing things up by accident.

I hate my life, but Im stickin at it :D

02-22-2003, 10:58 AM

On weekdays, I go to school, come home and talk to people from here and school, and some other friends on AIM, while browsing here and watching TV. I do not do homework... :rolleyes:

On Saturdays, I go on here until I go out with friends, look for some SW figures (doing that today, saw new tags on shelf for garbage disposal dioramas at Wal-Mart) watch a movie, come back here, talk on AIM, or play a video game...

On Sunday, I check the DF forum before going to church. I then am dragged to the Jewel, where I now go to Osco and read the thrilling Batman Comics. After that, I come home and eat, play video games, AIM, and here...

Yes, I do have a pathetic life. It seems to me it revolves around a computer. :D :p :D

02-22-2003, 11:25 AM
I post here, sleep, do work, go out and about, play JKII and generally eat. :)

I forgot; watch movies. :(

02-22-2003, 11:34 AM
Uni, post, eat, sleep, and these days, get seriously boed out of my head!

02-22-2003, 02:39 PM

wake up. read bible. get ready for school. skip breakfast(sometimes). go to school. come home. do homework. get on computer. download stuff play JKII or come here. eat dinner. get on computer. then i watch tv. pray. then go to bed.


saturday: wake up. read bible. get on computer, till lunch. get on computer again till dinner. i mostly hang out here or play JKII. then watch tv. pray. then go to bed.

sunday: wake up. read bible. get ready for church. got to church. come home. change clothes. (who wants to wear a suit all day long?), eat lunch. get on computer. eat dinner. get on computer. watch tv. pray. go to bed.

simple huh?

thats really all do.

02-22-2003, 02:47 PM
i read a lot during the week for my classes and play PS2, i ususally have a beer or two every night. Then on the weekends i go home and spend time with my gf.

02-22-2003, 03:37 PM
So much I do, let's see......

I wake up, take a shower, then go to school.(week days). Then I come home, watch 4 episodes of M*A*S*H, then I come on to the forums. After a while of being on the forums, I put in some guitar time. Then, I do whatever my night-schedule is for that day.

My night schedule is as follows:

Monday: Go to youth group.

Tuesday: no plans

Wednsday: Go to church

Thursday: no plans

Friday: Go to Augusta. (nearby huge town)

After my night schedule, I usually do my homework, then get on the computer again, and stay there untill 11pm or so. Then sleep.

On the weekends, it is different. No schedule or anything.

02-22-2003, 04:47 PM
up, hospital/uni,home,tv,eat,computer,bed;) sleep

02-22-2003, 04:58 PM
Get up...play games.....go to bed......

02-22-2003, 05:19 PM
sound much fun I'll have to try it sometime.

02-22-2003, 05:27 PM
Wake up
Hangout with my friends or go to work
Maybe a little TV/Computer before going to bed at 1.

Wake up
Go out with my friends/Go on a date if I have one
Chill at a friends house til between 1-3 in the morning, find my way home
Maybe a little TV/Computer before going to bed.
On Saturdays I occasionally work.

Wake up
Occasionally go to church
Homework if I had any.
Shower, clip nails, shave if I have to
Go to bed when i feel like it.

02-22-2003, 06:15 PM
all you guys are leaving out whackin it.:eek:

02-22-2003, 06:42 PM
What about you Xerxes? Don't you whack it? ;)

Well my schedule is pretty simple.

I usually wake up at around 6:30 but I won't get out of bed till untill 7:20 unless I have something that I have to or work on. Then I pop my contacts in and get ready for school. Depending if I have enough time I go online and just check my mail or post a little. Then I get picked up at around 7:50. Once I get to school I hang out at the ROTC room untill the bell rings and then I go to my class about 5 minutes after. I have stagecraft and we don't do anything so I just usually play poker with the guys, listen to music, do homework that I have to do, or go to sleep.
Then I go to my second period which is ROTC. I either do my work there, or go online and see if there is anything posted on the forums that I go to. I also talk to my friend Nicole who is in another class and we just talk. I also work on any homework that I might have on too.
Then I go to my English class which I thought that I would dread but I actually don't. My teacher is really cool and even though she is a bit physco sometimes I still like it. I have good friends in that class and I always laugh at something or we make a joke. I also like the way she teaches cause I am really learning how to right and I enjoy some of the work. I am also reading "1984" and it is the kind of the book that actually intrest's me.
Then there is lunch. I usually eat during this time if I haven't already eaten my sandwich. Then I go and I visit my friend Nicole and we hang out for a little bit. If I don't do that I usually go to the track and I run a mile.
Then I have 4th period. I don't have one cause I have campus release so I usually just hang out in the ROTC room. I will usually stay there and do homework, go online, take a nap, or I will decide to go home.
If I don't get home I won't get home till like 4:15 cause my friends have practice for ROTC so I just hang out and kill time. Then when I get home I will eat and then go online. I will usually just visit the forums and see if there is anything intresting to post about. If I see anyone that I want to talk to I will. Then I usually go and play MOHAA online untill I get bored or need a break. Then if I have a paper that I need to type I will do it. Then around 7-8 I will talk with someone for a few hours. Then Around 11 I will get offline and I will watch the news or the Simpsons. Then I watch The Tonight Show untill 12 and then I will go to bed.

Then During my weekends I just sleep in late. Do the same that I do when I get home from school if I don't have anything to do. If I do have something to do I will either go out with my friends, watch a movie, or just hang out at my friends house.
Then on sundays I wake up watch the news go online for a little. Then I will go to Church. Come home and just stay online the whole day and do the same thing that I do everyday. On occasion I will go out with my friends if there is anything intresting to do.

:lsduel: :duel:

Luc Solar
02-22-2003, 06:50 PM
Go to sleep at about 2am.

Wake up at 8:30.


Make coffee at 9:30.


Drink some coffee and contnue studying.

Eat something at 1pm.


Wife comes home at 5pm. Spend some quality time with my wife.


Watch the news at 20:30.

Studying. (and whacking it. << this one is for you XERXES :) )

Go to bed at 2am with my eyes bleeding of the constand staring at the computer screen and books.

(occasionally I get laid, but that's purely coincidental :D )

02-22-2003, 08:16 PM
Typical day:

1.Wait till alarm goes off (bout 7)
2.smack the snooze button
3.wait till alarm goes off again
4.drag my carcass out of bed
5.get dressed, brush my teeth etc.
6.catch the bus about 5 minutes later
7.listen to my walkman all the way there, occasionally talk to someone
8.put my stuff in my locker and wait for the gym to open
9.shoot some baskets
10.go to homeroom
11. go to period A (varies between English, Math, Chemistry, and Civics)
12. go to period B (varies between English, Math, Chemistry, and Civics)
13. go to period C (you should've gotten the idea by now)
14. lunch, usually playing euchre and eating, or in the gym
15. go to period D (you know what goes here)
16. go to period E ( see directly above)
17. if there's a basketball, volleyball etc game I stay
18. if not, I get my homework together and come home
19. watch T.V. till 7
20. shower
21. homework.
22. more T.V.
23. go to sleep around 11

Please note, I'm hanging with my friends for 8. to 17. and I may also be on the computer for steps 19. and 22.

02-22-2003, 09:13 PM
Originally posted by Ratmjedi
What about you Xerxes? Don't you whack it? ;)


i just figured id mentoin it....considering im a guy and all...although generally i dont have to do it.;)

02-22-2003, 09:39 PM
wake up
power up the computer
take a shower
eat breakfast
check whats on tv while browsing the forums and listening to mp3s
if nothing's on i think of what game I should play, at the moment either mech assault, halo, final fantasy vii, or day of defeat....if i don't feel like playing a game i might walk some distance to the coffee shop for some coffee, or i'll get on aim/msn and chat while listening to some music. Sometimes I'll read a book, but i just haven't been interested in books lately. Then I get something to eat and do the above until supper, then i'll do the same as the above....of course that schedule usually changes depending if i have work that day or my friend is around. When my friend is around we usually play stuff on xbox, usually mech assault. If we're not doing that we're dloading movies or taking turns playing an online game.

02-22-2003, 10:18 PM
So your married and you still have to whack it Solar?


Well I better stop talking about this before I get a warning lol

Xerxes if I get in trouble I am going to come after you lol
*Shakes fist*

:lsduel: :duel:

02-22-2003, 10:44 PM
I hope you guys are talking about whacking golf balls with golf clubs. :)