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02-23-2003, 03:58 PM
Ok, I know that some of the forum members are below legal drinking age, but I also know that this fact won't stop them from drinking. So don't moan at me if this thread is a bit non-pre-teen.

Cocktails! A wonderful invention. You can't love em all but there's at least one you love. What I wanna know is this: What is your favourite cocktail? AND if you had to invent one, what would you call it? How would you decorate it? Don't bother saying what actual alcohol you would put in it, unless you really know what you're doing.

My favourite is called "Screaming Orgasm" - and I never get bored of ordering it:

[Barmaid / Comely Wench] - "yes sir?"
[LucasTones] - "I'll have a screaming orgasm please!" (then a mighty wink and a slap to her rear)
[Barmaid / Comely Wench] Of course sir, but what would you like to drink?"

Hee hee... where was I? Oh yeah. It has baileys in it, and probably some other stuff, but they put loads of squirty cream on the top, so it looks like a milkshake. Mmmmm.

If I had to invent one though, what would it be... I know. DR FREDS FABULOUS PUNCH - it would be served in a tall, thin glass, that gets wider towards the bottom (so it looks like a test-tube - genius!) and it would be bright green. It would have to have sparklers in it for it to be a real one, with a little umbrella and a piece of lime to keep up the green motif. God knows what booze you'd need to make one, but it'd have to be real fruity and dead fizzy. Yeah, thats the stuff.

So c'mon! Lets invent some drinks! Your turn:

02-23-2003, 05:35 PM
Purple Tentacle becomes a cocktail so easily. You could have a tentaclish shaped glass, with a straw at the top. Blackberry Ribena, Vodka, and Propylene Glycol. Don't drink and drive.

02-23-2003, 11:19 PM
Iguana Skin (maybe its called different)
Kiwi liqueur, Vodka and Sprite

My friend made one that he calls "San Fernando", it includes: Banana liqueur, vodka and sprite.

Fernet and Coke is nice too.

EDIT: Ok now if I had to invent one... it would like one really yellow, served in tall glass with ice.. the name: Pee Pee McGee.