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Weapon X
02-23-2003, 07:11 PM
ok, last night i called up my mom and asked her if i could stay at a friends house, she says no right away and tells me to be at my sister's at 11, i had already made plans to have an "eventful" evening, and eventful it was, at 11 i told my sister that i was gonna go drink w/some buddies and if she told mom and dad, oh well, i made my decision. well she DID call them, and when i got home this morning my mom (all pissed off) asked me where i was, asked if i had permission, and told me to hang up my keys, me, still half way buzzed after 7 hrs of sleep, threw my keys at her feet and said "you do it" and walked away, i expected my dad to be a little angrier than he was, he just talked to me normally and asked if i wanted to go snowmobiling and made me a sandwich and stuff like that, i'm confused by their behavior quite a bit, well, do you think i'm in much trouble?

EDIT: one thing i forgot to mention is the fact that i live 15 miles from the nearest town, NEVER get to stay w/my friends because my older siblings ruined it all for me, and they never let me do anything, they're so strict and think they're always right, and i also think they don't let me do stuff just because it shows they're in authority and i have to obey at all times, was it a good thing that i did this? i had fun, and it's something i believe in, what are your opinions on this? anyone that can relate to it?

02-23-2003, 07:17 PM
Smooth move. Hope you like living in a cage in your parents' basement for the rest of your life. ;) :D Lol, just playin'. I can't really say since I don't know your parents or anything. :)

02-23-2003, 07:24 PM
Sorry to hear about that man, My mom was like that to my sister and she is not that bad on me. I have some leeway but if you want to do stuff you need to show them that you are diffrent then they are. Then you will be able to get privlages. But I think that it looks like you have blown it man. Sorry to hear that.

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Weapon X
02-23-2003, 07:39 PM
i'm thinking i'm gonna get it again tonight when everybody's home, if i do i'll post it, but in my mind my parents are and have been forever, in the wrong about me, they won't let me live my life and make my own decisions, they make me run track so i'm gonna get another job to kill that idea, and they expect me to be just like my brothers and sister, well, since they're so strict, they drove me to do this, this is what i believe in, and also, something that makes people stop when they're lecturing you and really think of somethin to say next is "i knew about the consequences of my actions and if i cared then i wouldn't have done it" i've said that a couple of times and it works good, somethin for all you young pups out there (like i'm old myself), actually, all you INEXPERIENCED pups, there that's better

02-23-2003, 07:45 PM
Why don't you people actually listen to your parents for once? Usually, they are right, but you won't realize it until twenty years later. They have lived much longer than you have, and, unless they're always drunk or high or whatnot, they have your ultimate good in mind. While you all might be living for the moment and what is right at the time, they are watching out for you for the long run. LoL, ah, hell, why am I even trying?

Weapon X
02-23-2003, 07:56 PM
well i've listened to my parents and they're rules for the past 17 years and only twice have ever broken them, i've never snuk out or anything like that, i do listen to them 99.9% of the time, what do you have to say about that? they just don't want me to go and experience things for myself, they're trying to run my life and you know what? i don't like it, i think it's wrong. my bro was in marine boot camp for 4 months and was recently released due to medical conditions, the ENTIRE 4 months my parents whined and worried about him, payed NO attention to us except to punish us when we did something "bad" THAT is wrong in my mind, people need to be able to experience the good and bad things that happen in life for themselves, that's what i'm doing, that's what i'm trying to say, rules are good to a point, but then they keep pushing and enforcing and it just snaps a person. i have no problems w/rules if they're within reason, but then the rule makers get the idea "oh, we'll just enforce them even more and make new ones to have a better hold on him, then we're gonna be gone 80% of the time and hardly talk to him unless to punish him" that's the way my parents are, i don't like it. i like rules in fact, i follow them all the time, even when it means my friends giving me a hard time. but i need freedom, cuz they made me live on this goddamned reservation for 15 years and it really does kill a person, it makes them lazy cuz there is NOTHING to do here, i used to hunt reptiles for fun, we would play with rattle snakes, me and my friends, that's how much there is to do out here, then when your parents aren't ever home it makes it even less. i'm sorry but in my mind i have a good argument and i think i could win one against them if it gets brought up again

02-24-2003, 04:31 AM
It is something that was gonna come up eventually.

Really, I don't think your in trouble, or shouldn't be.

Its a natural thing.

Just say to them - 'Look, 15 miles is basically isolation. If you trust me a little, then I can show you you can trust me a lot'.

Just don't do the stubborn teenager routine. Nothing is more guaranteed to screw it up than that!

02-24-2003, 04:56 AM
BE A REBEL!!!111111oneoneoen :p