View Full Version : B-Ball: Will Kobe surpass Jordan?

02-24-2003, 05:40 PM

I'm not just talking championship-wise, but skill wise. Does he have a better effect on his teamates than Jordan? Is he too much of a ball-hog?

Your thoughts please.

Skate Boy
02-24-2003, 06:02 PM
Well, I like him better than Jordan. I don't really pay attention to B-Ball, so I have no idea.

Rogue Nine
02-24-2003, 06:03 PM
He's the best player in basketball, bar none. Is he as good as Jordan was in his prime? That's up for debate. He's certainly good enough that valid comparisons can be made. But without actually going back in time and playing them against each other in their primes...I dunno.

More later. I've got class in a few.

02-24-2003, 06:34 PM
The thing we have to remeber is that Kobe came right out of High School, while Jordan played at North Carolina before going to the NBA. This gave Jordan far more experiance when he enetered the league, but it took Jordan around 5 years to get a championship, while Kobe got his first championship like after his 2nd or 3rd year in the league.

02-24-2003, 06:45 PM
Kobe is good dont get me wrong, but Jordan will always be legendary simply because he was THE man. I believe just because Jordan was the main big basketball player, and came before Kobe...he will get the bigger spotlight.

02-24-2003, 07:30 PM
ok.... first off lets compare the two..

at age 24 kobe already has 3 rings but jordan had none. you gotta remember kobe went to the leage at age 17, straight from high school. he's been in the leage for 7 years now plus kobe has shaq. kobe didn't have the pressure as much as jordan did. no one in the league can stop shaq.

but remember the season when the bulls broke the record for the most wins in a season (72-10).

shooting wise kobe has a better outside game than jordan and a better 3-point shooter.

but jordan has a better inside game. he's more of a mid-range shooter. plus jordan attack the basket more ferocious than kobe did.

dunking skills, no contest, that goes to jordan.

dribbling goes to kobe. he's more creative with the ball. he's more of a agile player than jordan.

passing goes to kobe. he's kinda of a point guard in a way. he brings the ball down the court most of the times unlike jordan who rarely did.

kobe slightly quicker and faster but jordan is much stronger.

rebounding skills are about the same. both avarage about 7 per game.

but jordan is more versatile. jordan's able to think more clearly with the ball. plays smarter. that's what make jordan a better play i think. kobe hasn't develope the mental state jordan have. but give him a couple more years and he might develope it aswell.

defensive game gotta go to jordan. NBA All-Defensive First Team selection (1987-88 to 1992-93, 1995-96 to 1997-98).

jordan has a much bigger hands than kobe. he can steal and swat the ball better. don't get me wrong kobe defensive game is one of the top in the leage right now. but jordan's defensive awareness is better than kobe's.

overall jordan got a better game. jordan is a five-time NBA Most Valuable Player and kobe has none so far. i think kobe can step up his game close as jordan's. i don't know if kobe can surpass jordan. thats a very difficult goal to accomplish. but i can say this, kobe is only 24, he can only get better right.

02-24-2003, 07:42 PM
I think Jordan is definitely the better player. More complete.....better passer, defender, etc.

As far as saying that Kobe is a ball hog......you have to remember that Jordan shot the ball a lot as well. You don't score that much without putting up the shots. :)

My whole thing with Kobe is, that I think, he acts too much like Jordan....wearing the knee brace and wrist/forearm bands the same way. Even though being like Jordan is not a bad thing..........I'd just like to see him be himself a little bit more. ;)

I think the best player in the NBA is one of two players......Tracy McGrady or Tim Duncan. Both are very solid players....followed by Kevin Garnett. :)

02-24-2003, 07:55 PM
The best player in the NBA is definitly Kobe. He's been averaging over 40 points the past 8 or 9 games, has really brought back the Lakers into the playoff race with a little help from Shaq, and he is just shooting well, 50% fg's and 3 pointers.

I think in a couple of years, maybe 3 or 4, when Kobe has more rings, he will surpass Jordan. Now this is hard for me to say, as I grew up in Chicago and was there for Jordan's glory. Shaq is going to have to leave soon, and Kobe might be moved around, but he is definitly the go to guy for the lakers now. After a couple more years experiance, Kobe will know the game inside and out, and know the competition. He will be as experianced as MJ by then, which is really what sets apart MJ from Kobe right now

02-24-2003, 09:59 PM
MJ is now the legend, K is the rising superstar :)

03-01-2003, 07:42 PM
id say that Kobe is the current Jordan of the game rite now...excluding the current Jordan [did that make sense?] :p

03-01-2003, 07:48 PM
Hands down to skitzo's class analysis :thumbsup:

I aint got no knowledge on basket ball to make any sort of comparison, but skitzo's post made sense to me.

03-01-2003, 07:52 PM
are you trying to say that mine didnt? :p

03-01-2003, 07:58 PM
Originally posted by Elessar-Eärfalas
are you trying to say that mine didnt? :p

Yours most definately made sense in a nonsensical sort of way.

If it made you feel any better ;)

03-01-2003, 09:12 PM
Jordan is much better. Kobe is a ball hog. :(

03-01-2003, 11:17 PM
Originally posted by ZBomber
Jordan is much better. Kobe is a ball hog. :(

And Jordan wasn't? As Leemu Taos stated, you don't get to be one of the highest scorers of all time by passing the ball around...I think both are very good players and if comparing them in their prime it would be almost an even match. Jordan is very quick if he catches you off guard at first, but Kobe can keep blowing and getting past you. Kobe has also a nice 3 pointer. However, Jordan just seems to be able pull off those oh-my-god-thats-impossible shots.

03-02-2003, 02:32 AM
i think kobe is just beginning to takeover the game, which is scary. i think his best years are ahead of him, well just have to wait and see :)

03-02-2003, 01:31 PM
Because Jordan still passed the ball. He was a team player. Now a days, everyone just tries to win for themselves, not for the team. Thats how i feel, atleast.

03-02-2003, 01:45 PM
Originally posted by ZBomber
Because Jordan still passed the ball. He was a team player. Now a days, everyone just tries to win for themselves, not for the team. Thats how i feel, atleast.

I have to agree with this but you have to admit it is quite entertaining :D

03-02-2003, 04:51 PM
Originally posted by ZBomber
Because Jordan still passed the ball. He was a team player. Now a days, everyone just tries to win for themselves, not for the team. Thats how i feel, atleast.

Yeah, Jordan really made his teamates a lot better. The whole team improved, but Kobe doesn't really get his teamates into it.