View Full Version : A new Infernal Machine Patch?

dazed and confused
02-08-2000, 12:24 AM
I needed to redownload the patch for Infernal Machine, so I went to ftp.lucasarts.com/patches/pc I noticed another patch (J3DUpdate102.exe) that had today's date on it (Feb. 7). Is this a new update? I haven't tried it out yet, but thought I'd mention it so anyone who was curious could check it out.

Rex Raptor
02-08-2000, 10:37 AM
may I know what does the patch (anyone/version) does to Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine?

02-08-2000, 11:08 AM
It's an update which ought to correct several problems. I haven't tried it though (I don't think my boss will appreciate me playing games during working hours http://www.indyjones.net/forums/smile.gif )

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