View Full Version : Camera Mod for "bullet time" kills

02-26-2003, 01:44 PM
Ok I know nothing about modding but this seems like it might be relatively easy.

I love the bullet time deaths (even when I'm the one that gets killed) but more than half the time it's happening off camera. I took down 2 reborn with 1 flip/hack last weekend and would have LOVED to have seen it. Instead I caught half of one guy's leg and most of Kyle in the flip. By the time the camera revolved around enough to show the Reborn, they were on the ground (I didn't even knw I'd killed the second one until then).

ANYWAY, is it possible (or already available) to create a mod so that the camera takes it's bullet-time revolution on a wider arc (so it shows more of the scene)?

Thanks for your replies.