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02-26-2003, 07:28 PM
What is your most painful (physical, yes) experience of your life? Mine would be a tie between having a piece of fiberglass go through my pinky finger (pulled it out and didn't even have to go to the hospital :) ) and having my blood drawn. I don't know why having my blood drawn hurt so bad--everyone's always saying how painless it is--but it hurt like a bitch. Anyway, your turn...:)

Father Torque
02-26-2003, 07:37 PM
I was riding my scotter on rocky road in the rain and the front wheel came off i flipped hit the ground head first and split my eyebrow open. i had a rock in my eyebrow too. ouchhhh it hurt i didnt cry though:p . My face was half reb with rushing blood and it was funny to se the faces of the people in their cars go by. They looked like this when they saw me:freakout: :barf: . it was pretty nasty. I git 7 stitches and still have a scar.(this was last year when i was walking home with the girl i licked:p . Good thing she took her street like a minute before it happened. She would have been grossed out.

02-26-2003, 08:00 PM
Originally posted by Father Torque
I was riding my scotter on rocky road in the rain and the front wheel came off i flipped hit the ground head first and split my eyebrow open. i had a rock in my eyebrow too. ouchhhh it hurt i didnt cry though:p . My face was half reb with rushing blood and it was funny to se the faces of the people in their cars go by. They looked like this when they saw me:freakout: :barf: . it was pretty nasty. I git 7 stitches and still have a scar.(this was last year when i was walking home with the girl i licked:p . Good thing she took her street like a minute before it happened. She would have been grossed out.

you licked here? o.O

Yeh, something like that happened to me, except My friend collided into my bike, and my leg got caught in the chain. Man,. I skidded like 10 ft. :(. I haven't riden a bike much after that. :D

02-26-2003, 08:38 PM
Falling down on a tackstrip (carpentry)

02-26-2003, 09:13 PM
Stepping on a nail......


02-26-2003, 09:16 PM
Breaking my arm hurt alot, so did falling off my bike when my brother convinced me to got down a huge hill when I was little.

02-26-2003, 09:21 PM
Once, whem I was staying at a Hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia, I jumped from the patio balcony into the pool. I was on the 3rd floor. I almost made it in completly, except for my left leg, which smashed into the concrete next to the water. I broke my leg, and was in a cast for a long while.

This all happened about 3 years ago, and I'm proud to say that is probably the stupidist thing I've done.....so far.

02-26-2003, 09:23 PM
breaking 3 ribs. And still winning the bike race, I went on for another hour after it happened.

02-26-2003, 09:34 PM
I've got a high tolerance for pain, but I guess it was the time someone cut down a tree and forgot to ask me to move.

I was content with a glass of soda, but no...I just had to go to the emergency room...thank you parents for wasting 4 hours of my life in that boring waiting room.

02-26-2003, 09:40 PM
Oh yeah! I did step on a nail once. Went right through my foot.

02-26-2003, 09:46 PM
doing a running swanton bomb off my garage, missing the ass I was goin for, and smacked my back on the concrete walkway going through our yard...i just kinda stared off into space for about 5 minutes

note: Swanton bomb is a 270 flip where your back hits there gut from the top rope in wrestlin

02-26-2003, 09:55 PM
Originally posted by obi-wan13
Stepping on a nail......


HAHA that just happened to me last month...i first stepped on it with my shoe, then took it out, left it on the floor, forgot to throw it out, and later stepped on it barefoot. OUCH...:D

02-26-2003, 10:04 PM
Hmmm. I got three experiences:

1st was a car accident. It was relatively serious, whiplash, swelling on the brain, and something wrong with my stomach. It wasn't physically painful persay but it was miserable. Hospital for a few weeks, out of school for a month, and I threw up any solid food I ate for quite a while.

2nd, probably the most painful, but not entirely my fault. I got food poisoning (double chocolate chip cookie dough, big mistake) and that was insanely painful.

3rd, fell off my roof. Onto a stake. I was shoveling snow off my dad's workshop roof and I started slipping (it was tin) it was only about 12 feet to the ground so I dropped the shovel and jumped into the few feet of snow I had shoveled off. 'Course, this snow concealed the wooden stake my mom uses to help keep these little pine trees straight. End result, large scratch across my side/back and a bruised rib.

Reborn Outcast
02-26-2003, 10:17 PM
Fracturing my thumb an dI didn't know it... so then it got stuck in between 2 charis when it was still fractured and I pulled to get it and and it dislocated it at the same time. :(

02-26-2003, 10:23 PM
Oh yeah, I dislocated a finger too.

Swung it against the corner or a desk (by accident) and it popped out and forward like and inch (exageratting (sp?)). I grabbed it and pushed it back into place which resulted in a rather sick grinding sound as well.

On a stupider note. It hurt, but wasn't one of my most painful experiences: I stapeled my thumbs together (yes, I am that talented) :D

02-26-2003, 10:24 PM
when i broke my right elbow while jumping around my sofa. i fell to the ground in the wrong way, arms first. i dislocated my bone and you can actually see my bones stickin out of my skin. blood everywhere, it was a very painful experience and i recieved 56 stitches cuz of it.

02-26-2003, 10:43 PM
skitzo, that just skeeves me out thinking about it.

Anyhow, my experience would have to be sitting in a half-flooded fighting hole for 14 hours and then having my boots freeze to my feet that night. Not an acute pain, but the long drawn out aspect would have to make it the suck day of my life.

For instant pain, I'd say the time I got a brand on my leg. That was pretty painful at first, then I think the heat killed the nerves or something, or I just went into shock.

02-26-2003, 11:04 PM
I was attacked by a huge pink rabbit.

Actually, it was when I was in school, and I was saying cya to this girl, and I turned around really fast. Unfortunatlly one off my legs stayed behind me. My knee turned completly around in a circle, and I fell, and it snapped back into place. It was all bloody and it took me like 2 hours to limp to the nurse's office in school, lol, and I refused to let anyone help me. My knee is still screwed up, heheheheh.

02-26-2003, 11:21 PM
I hope you got the girl. ;)

Just this season, I was snowboarding at Catamount in New York. I was trying the jumps for the first time. I took the first two real well, but on the third, I decided to try to dig in my back edge to get a more steady jump. Instead, I just sorta rolled backwards i midair. I landed with the edge of the jump against my lower back, and my upper body folding backwards at nearly a 90 degree angle. The only thing that kept me from folding further (and probably breaking my back) was my head bouncing off the hard packed know. Then I rolled for a few feet, slid a few, and came to a stop.

Needless to say, I was finished for the day (went back up the next day, though!).

02-26-2003, 11:52 PM
I usually recover from injuries quickly, and I havent gotten into any serious ones(besides breaking my leg, but after the first hour or so the pain stopped and all I had was a broken ankle.

But,the most painful(but not serious) injury I had was today. I was sitting at the benches,and one of my friends insulted me, so I tried to kicked him hard in the calf while sitting down. Unfortunately, there was an iron bar between us, and my calf slammed hard against it. I was in deep pain for 15 minutes,and moderate pain the rest of school. Got better when I went home,though.

Jabbas WhOr3
02-27-2003, 12:17 AM
Making a chain of people from an electric fence to my friends dog.
It was really mean rotweiler and had to be chained before one coule enter their yard, so we decided on making a defensive chain, we were 4 ...one before 5 and two more than 2.
We had rubber shoes.
The first guy held the fence, then we grabbed arms and made a chain, out came the dog grrrrrrr.....grrrrrrrrr ...grrrrrr i reached out.......

and patted it on the back.....

It was launhed about a foot in the air.
We fell to the ground in spasms of laughter and pain.

From that day forth all that was needed to be done to keep the dog away was walk near the fence and reach an arm out towards the dog, it never came near me again.

02-27-2003, 12:24 AM
Hard to tell really what my most painful experience is....... well my lip was almost completely cut off by falling on the pesky corner of a chair when I was like 6.... but It didn't really hurt, which was wierd because the people around me were kind of freaking and then there was blood dripping all over and I started to freak a bit, the doc patched it up real good though, and there isn't even really a scar :) what really sucks though, is if I smack my arm or knee somehow, and there's a really really ridiculously painful throbbing for about two minutes :mad:

Boba Rhett
02-27-2003, 12:28 AM
I fell off a flight of stairs and got a pipe through my leg.

Darth Homer
02-27-2003, 12:42 AM
uhm...I broke my finger...& then let it heal without getting it set properly....still can use it as normal and everything.....oh and then there was the time I was chasing a volleyball on gravel, slipped & skinned my entire left leg from ankle to upper-thigh (then there was also the gravel in the wounds to make it hurt more)....I guess I've been pretty lucky, never been impaled on anything.....one of my friends had a bottle rocket explode in his face...didn't even have to go to the emergency room, guy was fine....sat down for about 15 mins, all of us huddled around him, not even a scar or burn from it....I still don't believe it

02-27-2003, 01:47 AM
God, I'm starting to regret starting this thread. ;) Anyway, I just remembered another experience I had. When I was very young, I burnt my hand at church in a heater. :)

02-27-2003, 04:36 AM
It was a typical british winter day (piddling rain and harsh wind), and I used to lie by the coast.

My school decided it was not rugby weather, so forced us on a Cross Country run round Portsmouth instead :(

Every so often, they made us stop and do some wierd excercise in relays or something.

Last one on the way back was to split into teams of five, run to the top of this hill and back again, then tag.

I did, and on the way down stumbled onto one knee. Got back up and came down to tag the next guy.

He didn't move.

Everyone was looking at me with shock filled expressions.

'What it is?' I asked.

'Err... Jon - you have no knee!'

Looked down, and sure enough, there was a huge whole, located (luckily I discovered later) mere mm below the knee cap. Any higher, and I would have shattered it!

Turns out when I stumbled, I must have landed on a large glass shard.

Wouldn't mind, but the hole was so big, that the knock out injection had to be done 6 times, right into the gaping wound....


Strange thing is - it didn't hurt until I looked at it.... But was frozen numb by the poor weather.

02-27-2003, 04:49 AM
pirced nose with stone, broke a finger, cracked my chin, and have sliced most of my fingers, but the infected bite was the most painful.

02-27-2003, 09:44 AM
When I was eighteen my brother shot me(accident) in the palm of my right hand with a .22, part of the bullet is still there.

When I was 19 my best friend stabbed(accident) me in the palm of my left hand with an rambo knife.

The knife didn't hurt, it cut the nerves, the 22 hurt like H*** , the back of my hand turned black from the bruising. Oh did I mention we were camping and I had to spend the night in the woods with a bullet in me?
It was about 18 hours before i made it to a hospital.

When I got stabbed I was also in the middle of nowhere. I was on maneuvers with the Marines in the California desert. It was about 8 hours before they got a helicopter to take me to a hospital.

02-27-2003, 10:10 AM
3 things:

The most recent one was about 2 hours ago on the pot. Boy that turd was huge.

The most painful was during football training I did something to my lower back (dislocated a disk or something like that) and was forced to miss my entire senior year of football). I coulnd't move for about 3 days it hurt so bad. I remember I couldn't even lay down without extreme pain.

The most memorable was when I peed on an electric fence. Boy that was surprising especially since I didn't know it was electrified.


02-27-2003, 02:17 PM
about 7 years ago I was lighting a really big 4th of July sparkler. it lit suddenly torching my thumb:eek: . that was really painful. another time would be when I was sledding and caught my ear on a thorn. it tore my earlobe in half:( . I've never broken any bones though (thankfully)

Hellfire Jedi
02-27-2003, 02:59 PM
Stepping on a sewing needle (pathetic, Yes) but it hurt like hell. Was about 2-3 inchs long maybe about 5 even. I had about 2 inchs in my foot. Had to pull it out. Hurt like hell.

02-27-2003, 03:14 PM
come on guys i dont wana read a paragraph about how somehing hurt. I kept it simple...broke 3 ribs...kept racing for another hour...won.:p :D

i guess i could say i was in pain for 4 to 5 more weeks after that, but oh well.

Father Torque
02-27-2003, 06:37 PM
Originally posted by MydnightPsion
doing a running swanton bomb off my garage, missing the ass I was goin for, and smacked my back on the concrete walkway going through our yard...i just kinda stared off into space for about 5 minutes

note: Swanton bomb is a 270 flip where your back hits there gut from the top rope in wrestlin

Ouch but its a senton bomb not a swanton bomb. Or maybe im thinking of something different:D

02-27-2003, 06:49 PM
Originally posted by Father Torque
Ouch but its a senton bomb not a swanton bomb. Or maybe im thinking of something different:D

swanton is what its called nowadays.

Father Torque
02-27-2003, 06:52 PM
sorry for double post but this one is good. I was at a soccer camp with 2 good friends. One of which had a whoop @$$ kick. I was was running down the right corner my friend two punted it and it hit me square in the mouth splitting my teeth apart like this ^. Later it formed to be staright !! but thier was still a gap and this was in 2nd grade im in 7th grade and the gap is still there. Also my teeth came in supa late so i have to wait for all of them to fall out before i can get braces:mad: . Stupid orthodontist.

Also i have broken my pinkey 3 times, 2 highly sprained knees, 2 broken thumbs, a broken middle finger, my eye incident, i almost chipped a bone in my knee yesterday, i have had like 10 sprained hamstrings and few hyperextended leg and i fell of my friends trampoline there was a huge hole in the ground where it was placed so it was ground level and to keep the foundation up there were bricks. So when i fell my leg was caught between the trampoline and the brick and ripped the flesh. And when i was 4 my grandma was spraying me with a hose i fell on my rock driveway and split my knee open. I geuss you can say im prone to injury, but i dont cry:p . These mostly have happened in sports

02-27-2003, 09:06 PM
Trampoline you say. I know of them. They are evil.

My most painful experience involving trampolines (not traditonal painful like a cut or broken bone), I was at my friends birthday party and well, she had a trampoline. She, being a gymnast, could pull of some insane tricks, and me, being the stupid, stupid little person that I am, agreed to try one one a bet. It was relatively simple, jump, land on my stomach and spin to land on my back. so, I tried it. The jumping was okay, I got pretty high; it was when I did the stomach thing that problems started. I went up, went flat to land on my stomach and landed. Problem: I wound up slightly tilted forward when landing so I didn't land on my stomach so much as my neck. I hit, my head snapped to one side, I heard a crack, and I just sort of lay there for the next half-hour while my friends killed themselves laughing.

I won the bet though, it didn't require completing the trick, just trying it.

02-27-2003, 09:26 PM
Once, me and my friend Steve (Kjolen) were jumping on a trampoline...and he landed on the trampoline a split second after I did, and weirdly caused a chain reaction, and my ankle got wobbly, and you can guess what happened. I sprained it.....and It hurt BAD! Didnt go to the doctor tho thankfully.

02-27-2003, 10:20 PM
See? Trampoline are evil.

*shifty eyes*

And something else painful that happened. Happened today, not excruciating or anything but it's annoying beyond belief. I strained my forearm playing badminton and now the middle finger on my right hand won't stop shaking. I keep clicking mouse buttons I don't mean too. :mad:

Dath Maximus
02-27-2003, 10:24 PM
my brother threw a pencil at me once and it hit me in the eye, that hurt like hell.

02-27-2003, 10:27 PM
Getting punched in the stomach by a kid much larger and stronger than me. Hurt for a few days. I got a few nose bleeds...

Guardian Omega
02-27-2003, 10:32 PM
Hmmmmm, one time I was trying to catch a VERY Fast football without proper form and such that my thumb has suffered, and there was a BIG swelling there. I'm thankful I haven't broken any bones...............Though I did run into a pile of logs while skiing FAST down a hill and almost had a big injury. (I love my reflexes........:D )

02-27-2003, 10:36 PM
I broke my arm in 2nd grade pretending to be Batman. But being puched by a guy is alot worse... I forgot why I got punched. :confused:

Wes Marrakesh
02-27-2003, 11:10 PM
What that guy did in Guardiand Omega's thread?

02-28-2003, 05:16 AM
Had my bone taken out and another put in. The operation didn't hurt but when i woke up it hurt like hell.
Also, I imagine that Chemotherapy must be pretty painful

02-28-2003, 05:44 AM
I play Aussie Rules footy, and most of my really good injuries come from that.

4 broken noses - not the cartilage part, but the actual bridge of the nose, where it is bone. Four pairs of cracks there, with the last one knocking the cartilage a little straighter, so my nose isn't too crooked. Although haven't had that done for about 5 years.

Dislocated shoulder - got rid of the ball, was tackled about 2-3 seconds afterwards, had started to relax, and was driven into the ground shoulder first. Dislocated my shoulder, but it went straight back in, more of a severe stretching of the shoulder area. Adrenalin kicked in, and was able to return to the field, but about 5 minutes after the game ended I could barely move my arm.
Only to have my then g/f use my shoulder as something to support her as she jumped off some stairs a week later, and do more damage than the original injury. Can't serve a tennis ball properly any more.

Dislocated Elbow - running towards ball, with opponent beside me, punched the ball away. Obviously he didn't like that he didn't get the ball, so he grabbed my arm and fell to the ground. My elbow hit the ground first and, like my elbow it was a dislocation, or a severe jarring that hurt it like hell. Had arm in sling for only 2 days, then got back into moving it again.

Slipped Disc - playing netball, was running with the flight of the ball flat out, turned slightly sideways and hit the goal post with the bone on my hip about 5-10 cms from my spine. At the time it felt fine, but after playing the rest of that game, doing football training the next day, playing another game of netball the day after that, and started to train for football again the day after that, I could no longer reach my knees.
Woke up the next morning barely able to walk, and had a slipped disc. All I could do for about 3 days was slowly walk, and lie straight. I still have trouble with it on hard grounds - jars it too much..

Last but not least:
Torn Ligament in Knee - playing football, had the ball, just after kicking the ball, my foot slipped across a piece of bad ground. Then the stops in my boots gripped, placing my foot about 20-30 cms out of place with where it was expected. This was enough for me to have my weight too far forward on my knee, which then hyper-extended (went too straight). Also as this happened I got tackled from the side, which did a little bit of damage as well.
End result - on ground rolling around with pain in the knee. Stretchered off the ground. By this time the shock had made my knee numb, and the only pain was in the calf - injured along with the knee. By the end of the night I could no longer bend my knee, and occassionally my knee was going too straight.
Tore my Anterior Cruciate Ligament clean in half - have had a knee reconstruction about 11 weeks ago. Allowed to start light jogging again this time next week.
To top it off 2 days after injuring my knee, I was in the room in the hospital as my g-pa died, and was a pall bearer at the funeral.

Father Torque
02-28-2003, 06:59 PM
Man the doctors must know you by know:).

And your moms credit card number:p

Just today i tried to do a soul grind on the bleechers in the gym my foot slipped and slipped i hit the end of the bleechers with my back. I was laying there for a while then i got up and my back was slumped over[like an old man] then someone missed a half court bomb it hit me in the back knocking me on to the bleechers and hitting my head on the bleechers and screwing up my hair:(

Weapon X
03-01-2003, 12:32 AM
katarn 07 you're not very old are you? i say that just cuz you don't have any experiences like the rest of us

ok, now to the pain. when i broke my arm it bent the wrong way cuz it hyperextends anyway, and it snapped back the right way so it dislocated and broke chunks off all over, i was gonna "knock it back in place" cuz it just looked dislocated, but i found out that if i had it woulda severed the nerves and i wouldn't be able to use my right arm anymore, woulda sucked cuz i like motorcycles and all the good stuff that requires TWO hands, i started saying every cus word available and making up some, then i saw my mom coming and i stopped cuz she doesn't like it, then i got up and walked to the car and my dad drove me to the hospital at a normal pace, telling stories of his injuries, then the lady at the desk asked us what we thought was wrong w/it! my dad was like "well since i'm not a goddamned doctor, I DON'T KNOW, but i'd appreciate it if you could get him someone who knows what to do" and all the while i just sat there and tried to show her but she was sitting down and i wasn't tall enough/ABLE to stick my arm over the desk and show her, so they sat me on a bed for 20 min. and gave me a shot in the ass, the coolest workman there was the security guard who wasn't very bright (he kept assuring my dad that i needed to be there, as if he didn't already know, there's more but i can't remember what he said right now, i was starting to go out at the time the x-rays were being taken, i think i told the lady to go to hell cuz i didn't want to move my arm. i went into surgery and woke up the next day at 8 or so, they kept trying to give me pain killers (screw that, i was gonna save my parents as much money as i could) so i made them take the IV out and i was out of there in time to go to my baseball game later that day (around 5 or so...women love someone who's just been in lots of pain)

i've stepped on nails that have gone through. fell on a FLAT, ROUND rock which went through my skin basically squishing it out of the way cuz of so much force, bled a long time. stepped on a 1 1/4 inch piece of glass, 1 inch went into my foot, thought it was just a rock so i hit it w/my hand not thinking, that just cut me even more.

i knocked my teeth through my bottom lip twice while trying flips on a trampoline. wrecked MANY times on motorcycles and bikes. been in a couple of fights, been jumped a couple times too. shaving cuts from shaving down from swimming (trust me, i feel for women now :().

when playing baseball w/my bros and friends i swung and the bat came around and hit me in the face, don't know how, but it happened. been hit in the face, back, hand, leg, etc. by baseballs during games (they were fast pitchers too). i fractured two bones in my right hand, one from a fight (had to swim the next day too) and one when i punched a locker. i've woken up w/my leg dislocated (the ball-n-socket joint) twice, knocked it back in myself cuz i freaked out (don't know how it happened either).

i think i have a hairline fracture in my thumb cuz my friend kicked it and now it keeps getting hit and cracking again and it won't quit hurting. got kicked in the eye during a fight (slipped on ice, i'm the dumbass for fighting on it) and it cut me, now i have a scar. i have a couple of scars on my face from getting punched by someone w/rings.

my head has scars from getting jumped by about 5-6 natives at a time (i'm not racist, but they are, cuz i'm white i needed a beating, they don't say much now ;))

the broken arm was the worst (couldn't ya tell ;)) and most painful, and i took out the concusion one i just had cuz my post was getting too long

Darth Talliusc
03-01-2003, 01:19 AM
well lets see here, ill give each incident its own little paragraph because they are all special to me, and just as ep2 anakin all of these in the first 16 years of my life.

trying to do flips off of a bridge at school (the bridge was taken down after an incident with a kid who broke 6 bones), landed on my upperback/neck and couldnt breathe for a few minutes.

walking along a hill (a big steep hill i might add) and being smoked by a skiier who came to close, i had to be carried home and my leg readjusted.

biking along, car came out of nowhere i turned quickly out of the way (damn teenage drivers)... into an oak tree. that one wasnt so much painful as embarassing but i still get made fun of for it so i put it in.

rollerblading to school along my usual path, black mercedes out of nowhere comes up from behind (damn teenage drivers) i jump out of the way, skid along my face for a few feet. kept on going to school, got told that id have scars until i died (already all gone :D

watching a game of volleyball from my perch (a lawnchair on a table on concrete), laughed, fell off, cracked my head on the concrete and bled for about 20 minutes.

8 concussions of various severities caused mostly by damn teenage drivers.

going home from a friends house, im sitting behind the driver, shes driving at 130, run over a divide and hit a small pole first, (this knocked the seatbelt off my sweater and onto my neck), hit a lamp post still going 130. i still have that scar on my neck and i was told that by all rights i shouldnt have lived. (yet again DAMN TEENAGE DRIVERS)

driving home from an english exam, im passenger side front. my friend goes through a stop sign and T-bones a cavalier. we end up on a lawn. ( you guessed it, damn teenage drivers!)

being hit in the face with a baseball bat (dont mess with my sister.... what? i was 5 for christs sake!)

im not sure which of those is my most painful, but i guess ill go with the car accident when we hit the pole. that car was completely totaled, i was the only one not to go to the hospital from that. im not sure if this scar on my neck will ever heal... but it isnt a bad conversation starter lol.

ooo, i just remembered. during the summer i was hanging out with my brothers friends and i got thrown out of a tree onto the roof of my house, i only partially made it (caught my face on the gutter) and then fell from the gutter to the concrete below. cracking my head yet again.