View Full Version : Weird, works right one time but not the next

05-24-2000, 04:50 PM
I played this game most of the way through some time ago but never quite finished. I started from the first again just the other day and have encountered 2 bugs that I never had happen to me the first time. One was shooting the window out in level 4. I finally managed to do it and now I'm stuck in level 9. I'm in the gear room and can't get the last door to open that contains the niches for the idols. I have everything I need and the gears are lined up but they just spin to no avail. I even went down and rearranged them just to do something different. I can understand certain bugs but not one like this. The engine is displaying everything properly. The gears are lined up and turning, that should trigger the door openning sequence. I believe I did things in roughly the same sequence as last time as well. I got each idol before openning the next door and left the last door till the end because I knew the first time I would have to do the others first because of the picture of all three on the door. Like I said, weird and very annoying.

05-24-2000, 05:16 PM
Last time I did that part, a door rolled open even when no gears were touching it. As for your problem... All I can say is reload a saved game.