View Full Version : Its a good game if you havent played Fate of Atlantis

11-27-1999, 03:41 AM
This is a fun action game, with very few really challenging puzzels. I mean Indy doesnt get any better than Indy. But if you compare this game to fate of atlantis, it doesn't even hold its own. Its good and all, but wheres the challenging puzzels. Most of the puzzels are jump from point A to point B and shoot the bad guys. Its fun, but totally not what I was expecting, a few puzzels though have been challenging. Level four was the hardest challenge probably, but I havent seen anything thats really difficult. Take for example the dig site on fate of atlantis. That must have taken me, oh, probably about 4 days to beat it. Now, I get to lvl 9 on infernal machine and I see those 4 spinning things around the statue. And im pumped, Im like this is going to be awesome, move them around try to line up the pictures correctly, and you know 4 or 5 hours later I'll get it, but no. Its move the blocks so they line up as 3 and bada bing. Easy as pie, that level wasn't even hard! I like the vehicles though, I must say, though, i was impressed with the jeep. The game is fun on the action side, but now its getting old, it feels like, how fast can I whip out my side arm and shoot that damn spider before he bites me. Or run around the commies till my gun auto aims on them and spray them with bullets. Anyone whose ever played fate of atlantis knows that this is not a "true" Indiana jones game, its Lucas Arts playing to the tune of most audiences and most audiences like Tomb Raider. Just my two cents.

Remember: I still like the game, but it falls short of my expectations.

11-27-1999, 03:57 AM
Of course this a true Indiana game. Indiana Jones is not a brain surgeon. He's an adventurer. As Lucasarts put it they couldn't bear to have Indy stand around trying to figure out how to use the wax lips on the Rhino. Did you see Indiana in any of the movies struggling with how to set up the gear systems on some machine? No. He was a treasure hunter. A runner and a shooter. If you like total puzzle games.. Sam n' Max.. The Dig.. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.. Or Fate of Atlantis is for you. But for a REAL taste of what it would be like to be Indiana Jones then it's the infernal machine. No doubts. Indiana was never supposed to be able to go solving puzzles all his life. How many times did you actually use the whip in Fate of Atlanis? about 3 times. However more characterization would be needed (As noted in earlier posts). Besides that.. Indy3d is what Indiana is supposed to be.

"Look what you did, Junior!"

05-29-2000, 01:22 PM
One funny thing about Fate of Atlantis. When you go to Costa's house, you can be Sophia for a little while. Try to look at Indy and Sophia gets a really sore throat. The programmers cheated and had the game have Indy say, "There's nothing to look at" when the game didn't involve a backdrop. Sophia mouth moves properly, but she's possesed AGAIN, by Indy's voice!!!

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