View Full Version : The Rebel City of Marcadia is Looking for people to join the Guardians Of Marcadia

Alaxander Ruden
02-28-2003, 02:25 PM
Hello and thanks for Checking out this Post. I am Alaxander Ruden Mayor of Marcadia. Marcadia is a City on the Planet Cordellia. We are a hard working town who as well hosts one of the Best rebel armys in the system called the Guardians Of Marcadia . We are always looking for good people to come join our city. For more information Check out our city news paper the Marcadia Gazette at www.marcadia.net (http://www.marcadia.net) (not 100% up and running at the point if your intrested in writing for the Marcadia gazette email me ) Or Email me at Marco78@clubanime.net We are looking for people of all profesions I my self am a Master Archetec and city planner. Make sure to get in on the ground floor of this up can coming boom town.
Here is a Quick run down of the facts of the city

City Name: Marcadia

Planet: Cordellia

Faction: Rebel Alliance

Guild Name: Guardians Of Marcadia

Server: Radiant

Web Page: www.marcadia.net

Time Line: 4BE

My Name: Alexander Rudon.
www.marcadia.net (http://www.marcadia.net)