View Full Version : MASTER YODA VS. GENERAL MOHC. [contains DF spoliters]

02-28-2003, 03:18 PM
Okay another VS poll. Say that Yoda had to face off with Mohc from Dark Forces.
Mohc would be in a Phase III Dark Trooper suit.

Simple question....

What would the outcome be?

Wes Marrakesh
02-28-2003, 08:24 PM
Rag tac merc one :D

02-28-2003, 10:14 PM

02-28-2003, 10:36 PM
If a rag tag mercenary with a pistol can take down the entire DT project, Yoda won't have much trouble.

Well, as Vader says, the Force is with him. I should have voted force instead of that. But Yoda, with or without his saber would whoop him into a smolten puddle of liquid phrik!!! (DF fanatics know what that is... :D )

03-01-2003, 04:15 AM
Maybe it was unfair to match up an over weight retired soldier against the greatest master of the Light Side... Nah.

03-01-2003, 05:08 AM
It would be very fun to watch i bet. *Hop hop chop drop* Mhehehe, wooped your metal ass I did! :syoda: I voted first one.