View Full Version : At last, The Rock has returned to indyfan.net

02-28-2003, 03:58 PM
I bummed these forums 4 years ago when The Infernal Machine was still hot, and now I return to find out there's a new Jones game already out and actually getting good reviews.

I miss the old bitchfests around here - the Indy Vs. Lara Croft discussions, the "old fart complex" debates, and of course, cursing out any reviewer who gave IJIM less than 8 on their site (and it seems like just about everybody did deal it a low score, so we did a lot of cursing).

Just felt a little nostalgic so I decided to say hello if any of you here now were my buddies, but now I'm off to check out the Emperor's Tomb. Should be good from what I've read.