View Full Version : Simply...a hooded Jedi model!

03-01-2003, 07:50 PM
hi, i allready made this model basing me on the anakin model and the darth sidious hood and joined the hood and anakin's robe.The problem is i am a n00b in putting all this stuff in game and that i think i did the whole thing improperly.So if somebody is interested by bringing joy to a lot of players. He can help me by doin this model.Thx to the guy who will, and to you... the guy who reads my thread.:p

03-02-2003, 08:13 PM
What kind of 3d modeling software are you using?

Did you base your model in Toonces' Sidious and Toonces' Obi-wan, right? Did you just put the two mesh together?

If no, well I like to see some pics of the model, if yes well I think that you can do it for your use only... if you want to release the model you must have the permission of the authors of the models mentioned above, in this case Toonces, but I'm pretty sure that He is not going to give you the permission. I could be wrong, so you must ask first.

Hope this will help you out, my idea was to point some important things to you and not flame you by any means.