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03-02-2003, 06:28 PM
i heard Red Faction is a good game so im thinking of buying it... but i want you guy's opinions .... hows the grafics? hows the story? hows the gameplay? is it JUST first person shooter or are there cut scenes? i trust you guys, your opinions are always welcome:D

03-02-2003, 06:38 PM
It's a good, solid shooter with plenty of gameplay. Buy it if you're into Half-life and other good singleplayer experiences.

The graphics are... err.... efficient, as I like to call that kind. Not bad, and it's got a neat gimmick (you can blow walls with explosives) - but it isn't really beautiful in any way.

Story is nice, though I wouldn't call it captivating. But you shouldn't concern yourself with that much anyway, in my modest opinion.

Overall, I liked it because of its diversity - you go through mines, canyons, spaceships, research stations etc. There are also some sneaky missions if that's your thang.

As for cut scenes - not really. If I remember correctly, the only cutscenes in it was the intro and the outro. Go figure.

It has my recommendations.

Boba Rhett
03-02-2003, 06:42 PM
I got bored with it really fast. The geomod tech grew old quickly and was implimented very poorly, many the levels were boring, It didn't make me care for the guy I played as and the story isn't mapped out well. If you can buy it really cheap, try it out.

03-02-2003, 06:45 PM
Bk, I'm thinking you should be able to find it for 50 kr easily.

That's how much I paid for it. Don't buy it if it's priced for a new game.

03-02-2003, 06:47 PM
Originally posted by C'jais
Bk, I'm thinking you should be able to find it for 50 kr easily.

That's how much I paid for it. Don't buy it if it's priced for a new game.

cool i was thinking it was like a 100 Kr.... does it have multiplayer?

03-02-2003, 06:49 PM
Originally posted by {BK}SupremePain
cool i was thinking it was like a 100 Kr.... does it have multiplayer?

Yup, but don't count on it having a very thriving community.

I tried multiplayer once, but it was laggy, and frankly, not near the feel of the singleplayer, where you're crawling around and having wicked firefights.

03-02-2003, 07:09 PM
Red Faction...for PS2? I Played it. Its fun. I didnt know it had MP...and what are kr's? Here...u can get it for $20

Bob Gnarly
03-02-2003, 07:12 PM
is just as fun (possibly more) as half life

03-02-2003, 07:35 PM
Originally posted by KingPin
is just as fun (possibly more) as half life

Erm...heh, no, it wasn't. Not even close. :)

03-02-2003, 08:07 PM
I've never played HL...Tell me about it :)

03-03-2003, 05:56 AM
u go around swatting aliens

as 4 RF, u get 2 put explosives on the bad guys, n they go around running! n ya, u'll get pretty bored after a while, juz shooting n more shooting

DC | Dark Luke
03-03-2003, 08:20 AM
Originally posted by AcrylicGuitar
I've never played HL...Tell me about it :)

HL i one of the greatest FPS of all times, al least the PC version....PS-version may be different, but the essence of the game is the same.

The story is really good, in my opinion, a common scientist starts an experiment, including other dimenson voyages, and he gets involved in a journey, full of big monsters and stupid colegues:D

I really enjoyed the game, i played several times and i didn`t find it boring, u might discover things u did´t check last time u play. (like where is going that damn G-Man:mad: )

The graphics has no matches for today games, but it has a nice ambience (?):D

If u have the money and like FPS games, buy it:)


03-03-2003, 02:25 PM
I enjoyed playing Red Faction on PC. It may not have been completely innovative, and it does have flaws, but it's not a bad game, IMHO.

GeoMod is okay - it could have been implemented better. There is some humour, like attaching explosive to enemies and see them run around...or running over them in a vehicle. The graphics are pretty similar to Half-Life. The story's okay... There are a couple of annoying 'sneak' levels that don't really fit...but you do get to drive a Drilling Machine, a Jeep, a Submarine and an aircraft in some levels. There were a few sections where there was not enough to do...but there were also some good firefights. The railgun with 'see-through-walls' ability was fun.

It wasn't as good as Half-Life, but it was a decent FPS nonetheless. If you can pick it up in a bargain bin, give it a whirl. ;)

03-03-2003, 04:48 PM
the graphics are pretty similar to HL?? are you serious? if youre talking about HD HL, then perhaps. but i think RF looks a lot better than HL.