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03-04-2003, 12:38 AM
All right The Secret Order is once again opening its doors for recruitment, well not quite but read on! First What is the Secret Order? Well the Secret order is much like the myths of the Illuminate and other such secret sects. The Secret Order is a Para Militant secret society. It is losely (or not so losely, depending on game mechanics) based around The Secret Order from the Lucas Arts Game Tie FIghter. You know what Im talking about the chap in the cloack that had a fetish with shocking you and giving you annoying side missions :p Still intersted? The do read on Cadets, read on.

Fist thing here is our site. http://www.swgalaxies.net/guilds/guild.php3?id=178

Give it a gander, But a short run down of TSO, is as follows.

First We are a Imperial based PA, we have some and I do mean some dealings with neutral buisness. But none, unless its to follow a trail back to, will we knowing accociate with the Rebellion.

Second The majority to all of the Secret Order is going to be humna, obviously, the same racial bigotries exist within our ranks, but we like to think of our selves as better then that, but still a Second Class citizen is a Second Class citizen untill proven other wise, but what is important is that we give them that chance. But there is still limitations, must be humanoid, and no slave races, sorry but regualation are regualtions.

Third We are a RP intensive Guild, sorry but you must have some degree of Role playing within you, though we wil gladly give you pointers and help you out.

There is two sections or Tiers as they are Named, the Tier of Blood is that of the warriors and protectors of our intrest, we are the visible symbol of strength. The Tier of Soul, is the covert, cloack and Dagger men and women, they make out buisness deals and any other "Dirty Work" that The TOB (Tier of Blood) cannot tarnish its self with.

Still Interested?

The know this we will shortly (I hope) be ready for recruitment again, if you are interasted then please fill out this short form and either email it to me
here. (theovermind7@hotmail.com)
or post it in this our out PA forum.

Character Name;

Faction Alignment;



Short Discp (Height Hair Color ect;

Short Bio(whats in there head);

Short Backgorund;

OCC Questions

What do you expect from the Secret Order?

What do you have to offer the Secret Order?

Have you ever played a MMORPG before? If so what game, and how long?

Have you ever played a Pen and Paper RPG? If so what game, and how long?

Misc. Any thing else you find prudent to tell us.

Also we are looking for members fluent in HTML or XTML, as we need a better web site


so yeah thats all for now

Col. Wraith Von Izzen, Starfighter Command
Emperors Voice and Commander of Tier of Blood.