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03-05-2003, 09:19 AM

Alright thanks to the richdiesal site:) I've been able to get pretty handy with mapping. I've been making maps for friends and myself and I've been wondering if its possible to do a few things.

1:I know in your tutorial you said you can loop .wavs with target_speakers. and said there will be an error message with mp3s (which I got) IS there any way to get an mp3 to work with a Target_speaker? Say I don't loop it will it work then?

2:Water! When I try to combine 2 water brushes it looks really tacky with a line right there in the middle of my water. I read somewhere that you can do something with no draw...Could I get rid of this and make it look like one big tunnel of water by, ctrl shift clicking the ends of the water and making them no draw?

3:Theres a map called shinra mansion where if you shoot a certain object it will act as a button. Is this func_usuable? How can I do this

4:I've never ever understood or been able to get a button to move back when you press it (even from the tutorial:P)!! Can you give an explanation?

5:I've tried this before and it never seemed to work...How can I get a func_train (I think) to not move unless I press the button? I tried it once before and It just reset it from its start point? And can I make a func_rotating not move unless I press a button too?

6:I've been trying to make a forcefield type wall that you can't pass through but can sorta see through...Like on the ffa_Deathstar map. Anyways how can I do this? I can't find the textures and I've been told it was a detail brush or something but I'm not sure.

7:I figured out how to hook a trigger_multiple to an fx_runner (fire) and a .wav so it looks and sounds as if you turn on and off a torch. But the problem is I can't get a trigger_hurt not to hurt when the flame is off! I think I heard it somewhere else but can you explain in further detail?


Leslie Judge
03-05-2003, 03:13 PM
2: Yes, it will be enough if you select the two touching faces and make them textured with system/nodraw.

3: Yes, a func_usable is good for that. Just give it a health value and every time it will be shoot it will turn on/off until it dies.

4: a func_button will move if someone touches it. You have to specify the angle (direction) of the movement. BTW: if you give this a health value then it has to be killed instead of touch.

6: Yes, you have to make the forcefield brush into a detail brush. For textures take a look in the test or tests texture set for example.

7: target the trigger_multiple to the trigger_hurt as you did with fx_runner and target_speaker.

I'm not sure about the answers for 1 and 5.

03-05-2003, 03:20 PM
Originally posted by Leslie Judge
I'm not sure about the answers for 1 and 5.

1: Yes, you can play mp3 files, I think the problem is just that you can't LOOP them. You could always try it out and see what happens!

5: I don't think you can do this. func_rotatings, certainly, you can't stop or start in mid-rotation. func_trains...I'm not entirely sure. I think you can have them wait and not start up until you trigger it, but then when it's triggered it won't stop. I *think.* Try it out on a small test map.

03-05-2003, 04:06 PM
Thanks a lot you guys:)

I don't practice with the sound a lot cause I have to reference the sounds to my assets0.pk3 or one of my own and if I do it with one of my own the .bsp in there over rides the new one and I have to delete it...Over all its a pain;P Thanks for letting me know

And also for the water cause I needed help with that:)

Anyways thanks a lot for the help:!)

I'll go home and experiment the posibilities with the func_ stuff...Never really tried:P Anyways thanks!

And especially with help on the button moving back. lol:deathstar

03-06-2003, 06:00 AM
about they mp3s that u cant loop i know u cant do it but u can put a very small time between the sounds i think its wait and 1 or sumthing so instead of it looping it has 1 second or 0.001 seconds or what ever u want between each time the sound goes off

03-06-2003, 03:49 PM
Also thanks to changin all those filters I've been making detail brushes and (oh yeah!!) force fields!

Thanks soooooo much guys for all the help:)

one last question though!

In the Duel of the fates map, the one with the lady luck in the center? Well there's a platform. You press the button and the platform goes up slowly, when it reaches up to a certain point the bay doors open up above and they stay open and then close when the platform has gone back down...Can anyone explain how the platform does this? (I've been thinking the platform activates a trigger or something...How could I do that?)

Also...Leslie judge, I tried linking a trigger_multiple to a trigger_hurt and it gives me a grey line, it didn't work though:/

In the BOT UPRISING map theres a button that sets off a huge explosion (Fx_runner) an explosion sound(target_speaker) and it kills anyone near it, this would fit in with a trigger hurt. Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong?

03-06-2003, 04:19 PM
OK Ive been working on a mapthats has a similar sorta things as duel o fates. The way I did it is made a func_plat so that when your at the bottem it goes up, on the way up the large hole i floor that opens is basicly just a big auto door so that when you go throught the trigger_multiple brush their it opens. IM not sure if that makes sence to you but thats how it works As for the explosion I doubt this is how they did it but this would work i think. YOu get a platform (func_plat) and give it a speed of 1000 (100 grid units per sec) make it no draw and then make it that when you trigger the button it comes up through the brush thats the floor, thus killing the people (oh ya you also give this platform brush the hurt function and set it to 201 which is an auto kill) Im not sure this would work but its worth a try

Leslie Judge
03-06-2003, 04:22 PM
I don't know what you did wrong. The grey line is OK, it shows the connection between them.

And the MP entity definition file says "Targeting the trigger will toggle its on / off state." So I think i has to work. :) Btw. there is a start_off spawnflag which you may want to check if your fire is off at map start.

Don't forget to give a wait value for the trigger_multiple to prevent immediate retriggering.