View Full Version : Tatooine Mecenary Guild

Ceill Velsor
03-09-2003, 12:10 AM
The TMG is looking for someone. And that someone is you. We are a mercenary gulid that will do just about any job for the right price. all the loot from missions is broken up evenly unless instructed to do drifferenty. If you want to join or want more information send an email to our leader Aerozord1986@aol.com

here is some more info from our website:

We are the TMG or Tatooine Mercenary Guild. We are a combat based PA, but we also want strong ties in the politicall and economics. First let me clear up something, mercenaries are often seen as bounty hunters. Although we take bounties we also take other jobs. We take what ever job they say as long as the price is right. That means we will hunt down some one or simpley destroy an out post.

We are stationed on Tatooine but if we become large enought we will have bases on all planets. You are probley wondering, why Tatooine? The answer is simple, Tatooine has all factions on it and is a hot bed for crime and battle. This gives us plenty of work.

We also give members freedom to explore, but when the time comes you are to be there. Our ranks work as so, for now the only member that truely out ranks you is me. My second will be choosen by your leadership skills, as well as many other ranks. Although early joiners won't have much advantage over later comers, they will have a better chance of influencing the pa's early structer.

Ceill Vel'sor