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Lord Tirion
09-22-2001, 02:23 AM
There should be a scenario where you have to set traps like the Ewoks did to take on the Empire. Lassos for Speeder Bikes, logs for AT-STs, Rocks on gliders and stuff like that.

Any kind of traps would be something new to the Age of Empire engine and something I feel customers would really enjoy.

09-22-2001, 10:29 AM
that would be cool if u could put traps anyway

09-25-2001, 02:05 AM
that would be cool , I hope on the endor missions that you see traps like them being done on imperial troops:ewok:

09-25-2001, 11:44 AM
It sounds too much like FoCom...

Lord Tirion
09-26-2001, 12:39 AM
What dat be?

Boba Rhett
09-26-2001, 12:50 AM
Force Commander.

09-27-2001, 12:23 PM
no make it so u have to be the imp troops that would be cool

Jake Rendar
09-28-2001, 03:47 PM
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