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03-09-2003, 08:40 AM
LO!! well i am really sorry but i cant postreplaiy some bug orsomthing so i have to make a new tread... if i dont anser dotn bother... becouse i cant but i will read all the post u make... well heres my cuest:

I was watching jediknight2 movies that clans had made... then i saw them run/jump rilly fast thay used speed and was realy fast i mean rilly!!! and sometimes thay jumpt on eges in the botthom of the map and bunced back upp :/ now how do i do those to things... i need to know: the forecepowers i need to use,shell i duck or somtihg , strafe jump ect.. if you still dont knwo what i mean DL this moive:


The names are: tricks & takincareofbusiness if u have sen them u know what i mean... now how do i do that...

Sry if my english s*cks and if u know the comand to get blod and baby part torn off tell me that 2

//grz adrian