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03-09-2003, 02:01 PM
When i host a server, i wanan figure out how 2 give myself god mode and that such. Ive seen other people have it. ANd iw as wondering if its a mod or something you type in.

03-11-2003, 02:56 PM
God mode is part of the game

first you have to enable cheats

\devmap all

this enables cheats for all maps on your server.

then when you get in game, open console and type:


this will turn god mode on...retype this command to turn godmode off.


Since you mentioned adminmod, I will tell you...You might be thinking of "empowered" so if you download either Vulcanus Admin Mod 2.2 or Jedi Academy Mod 1.1 you will notice their is a command called \amempower

what you need to do is have admin access for this server. If you are running your own server, you will need to set the cvar in the adminmod.cfg or academy.cfg file. The password can be written as such:

seta g_mAdminPassword "default"

that will set the pass to "default"

When you enter game, login via \amlogin command

\amlogin default

you will then be prompted with a message telling you logged in right

next do the \amempower yourname

and there, you now are empowered...Hope this all helped!!

Jedi Academy Mod 1.1 Download: