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03-09-2003, 02:48 PM
This is a Brand spanking new Pa starting from the ground floor. It will be a mostly democratic style PA with a Head Council of 7 players. Positions still available to be on this council. Once set a majority vote will determine which direction we head as we vote on the rules and membership requirements. ie which faction if at all etc.

This is the beginning of a long standing PA that has connections to RPGTradespot (http://www.rpgtradespot.com/swg/index.php) .Follow the link there to find forums where you can meet and get to know all the other members and be included in the head council. The Current Members would vote and a Majority puts you on the council. Its that easy but we have to get to know you so come on in here ([URL=http://www.rpgtradespot.com/swg/index.php).

The webpage was created for the PA but its still brand new and still fiddling, So dont put to much into it just yet but would love your opinion find it here........

This is the very Beta Version of a this web page.

Star Wars Galactic Trade Federation (http://ullcmesoon.tripod.com/)