View Full Version : EU PA idea? your thoughts.

03-10-2003, 12:01 PM
I was thinking about starting an EU player association on the Eclispe server (the starstrider one si going to be filled by the sounds of it anyways).

This idea came about so the EU people have other to play with outside the core US player time.

I was looking to see how many people from the eu would be interesting in this?

It will be a truly netural party with representives from the empire on it as well and citizens and (shhh some rebels) as I believe this is the only way for a PA to be truly netrual with inputs from the three view points. these people will comprise a council of the people beneath a top level government.

I will say now this PA is about roleplaying not how bad ass etc its going to be.

again please let me know as iw ont start working this out until I have a proper idea of how many are interested as I will have to design a web site for it.


03-18-2003, 10:39 AM
I have already started an EU PA so if you are interested check it out at http://gloryofthehunt.moonfruit.com/

Here is some info:

The Glory of the Hunt might just be for you. We are an all European PA so you will be able to be in a group when your awake.

I am based in the UK so other UK players are especially welcome but all Europeans are welcome. Remember if you join an American PA there is a 6 hour time difference from the UK and even more if you live in East Europe.

Here are a few rules and information to go over before you go to our website:

1. We accept all species
2. And all professions are welcome
3. You MUST be located in Europe
4. You MUST speak fluent English ( Sorry I am not being rude. It is just that I can only speak basic French and we will need to communicate)

Thatís it really. More information is on our website like where we will be located and how things will work(Go on, check it out)