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03-10-2003, 12:55 PM
It seems to me that many of the 'RPG' maps that have been released are of very low quality (Z-Fighting problems, bad texturing, leaks, etc). i was thinking of making a map of a somewhat higher quality.

So far, I have a police station and a weapons shop.

Any ideas/comments would be appreciated. Thanks! :)

03-11-2003, 04:02 PM
I would suggest a prison center with a nice lobby in the front maybe take some tips from the nice RPG commenor map thats in progress.

03-12-2003, 12:54 AM
Originally posted by Blue_Lightsaber
I would suggest a prison center with a nice lobby in the front maybe take some tips from the nice RPG commenor map thats in progress.

Not too many tips, now. Don't want to be stealing our ideas, do ya? ;)

03-12-2003, 05:13 AM
Well first off to start Id like to see more diverse RPG Maps. Every City is different and Id like to see many diff cities but lets not forget we need other sorts of RPG maps as well. How about an RPG Cave Map. Like some long lost TRibes village or something. Or a jungle witha cave used for Jedi Trials.
Or a Spacestation with different docking bays and the bar and an armory and other stuff. We need normal type stuff for rpgs. I persoanlly liked all of Entes maps I dont even know if they were meant for RPGs but they had so much character that thats what I used them for. Remeber when making a map...your map should tell a story and not too exact leave a little openness for us roleplayers to work with. I would like to see the following RPG Maps:

Dagobah Swamp
Boonta Eve
Some Factories
Villages on the Shore
a Prison (not an rpg map with a prison but a huge nothing but prison torture cell,diff cellblocks :a B C E etc. Guard Towers, courtyard,execution rooms, interrogation rooms.
Some more Jedi Temples and Sith ones too! (Coruscant was not the only Jedi Temple)
an underground maze/mine shaft map [temple of doom ;) ]
a Village Square (a marketplace a place where all the shops are)
Maybe make mappacks like in one map you see a palace in the background far away.....the next map you make make that palace this way you can lead from one map to a next not just appear from the CAntina on Tatooine to Yavin (which looks like a very small map) thats another thing try not to name your map a planet name it a city on that planet :P

03-12-2003, 11:32 AM
How about an original one???

I mean, I made an entire species at my website. Its based on the old name I used to play as, and I'll give you a small history. You might think I took a long time to think of all of this, but actually, it didnt take me long at all.

Basically they are called Dakari. You can find out about the most famous one, and the only one that is recognized as living to the outside world. Hes basically named Reddi Tarken. TO imagine what he looks like, just imagine a Reborn, but with a dark hood, and you cant see anything inside. Plus, he'd probably have a sweeping cloak to accompany him. He's what I like to call a recon Jedi. Sort of like Special Forces but with a lightsaber, and by using any means necessary to get the job done.

Plain and simple, most (nearly all) of his intelligence/offensive missions are at night. Stealth is key in his part, but anyway, onto the "history" of the Dakari.

SOme of you may not like this, but the Dakari arent JUST another race. They arent just talented at the force, they ARE the force. THey dont give birth, they arent ever born. SImply the force creates them. Simple, they're the force's "Chosen" ones. Since they are of the force, they have many abilities that some only wish to have. They are extremley fast and agile. Speed is their key trait. They usually do not rely on the force powers, but on their lightsaber. They usually try to avoid conflict whenever possible and are an extremely peaceful species.

A little history:
Back during the Sith War, the Dakari were of large numbers. The consisted mainly of lightsaber weilding peace operatives called "Convyes". They were more of a neutral species, very secretive to the outside world. They lived in a palace called the Dakari Chambers, and the leaders of this massive "city inside walls" was a council of highly skilled dakari's with the force. The dakari were accustomed with the jedi and the old republic. They were very active with the Jedi Council who studied them and learned from them. They were, after all, direct descendants from the force itself. While the war was taking place, the sith (Who are naturally afraid of the dakari) made a bet to the dakari. If the Dakari joined the Sith and it's Evil Empire, then the war would cease and would be considered a stalemate. THe dakari naturally thought a long time about the possible descision to make, and the decided to do so, but only on certain conditions. But one of the Dakari rebelled with a small group of others. One of these, was reddi's ancestor (I know, they dont have children, but traits are passed through the force. Something to copare this with would be like Nerevar in the game Elder Scrolls III: morrowind. He was "born again" but it was a completely different person). Just so happens that this group decided to join the Jedi, which outraged not only the sith, but the rest of the Dakari. The sith saw this as a perfect opprotunity to settle their case as number one in the galaxy. They Backstabbed and killed every dakari, one by one, until only few remain, and the dakari that decided to join the Jedi. The Jedi had to act now to spare the lives of the survivors, and pounced with an attack. The Sith reacted until a giant war started. The ancestor of reddi, whose name was Takkir, led the Jedi to an ultimate victory. The Dakari that joined the other side turned during the battle and fought alongside the jedi. Takkir was then proclaimed the leader of the dakari.

The Mystery of them:
The Dakari won the battle, and so it seemed that life would be long and they would prosper, but that would not happen. Takkir was wounded, and for some reason the force could not heal him. No medicine was helping, nothing was working. He died a week later, only to be buried at the main hall itself. His traits were taken by the force, and to be later reused in another dakari. In his honor, the Jedi's finest Craftsman created a robe, known as "Takkir's Will". THis robe was seemingly buried with him, but the dakari needed a special place to put this honored robe. Only one could wear it, because only the one who knew where it was could get it. And once they put it on, they would Lead the Dakari and the Jedi to the final battle against the sith, and the end of the underground empire. It was hid away to the farthest reaches of the galaxy, forgotten and trapped. Only the bravest, wisest and most cunning of all would put on this robe, which leads to...

The dakari are now classified as an extinct species. They have left the outside world and lived only inside their palace until they die. But what if there was a leak? What if a Dakari seemed to escape from the palace and its chambers? Thats what happened to Reddi. Created in the tmeple, the force had another use for him, he sent him to the Jedi Council, and he became a Jedi. Luke taught him, because it seemed that something was odd about his race, his background, and his seemingly natural talent. Since the events of the Sith war, the Dakari were forgotten. THe Jedi understood they had to leave a secretive life, so they agreed to destroy all info of their existince.

The intro to Reddi Himself is located here:

This Post:
Hmm... Two places I would consider adding as huge gigantic maps would be the palace and its chambers, and the place the robe is stored. I dont know what the place where the robe is looks like yet, but I DO know that the palace is crystal white and marble with little hightlights of Gray and dark/light blue. These would be more exploration maps than anything. I dont think any HUGE battles should take place here (unless you wanted them to). Its a city, so anything you think that should be in a starwars city, go ahead and throw it on in there. And the dakari ARE NOT the only species that live there, there are many others that understand the secret and dont tell. Basically, you have to be born there to go there, but anyone that finds it is welcome to stay.

Well, sorry about the longest post in the universe, but I think the background was necessary to the post,
Waff-Out--- ;)

03-12-2003, 03:23 PM
Your race seems too god-like and would ruin RPGs *pictures the Forceusing Gunner starting FFAs with his stealth killing random people*

03-12-2003, 05:03 PM
Originally posted by Ronin_Medjai
Your race seems too god-like and would ruin RPGs *pictures the Forceusing Gunner starting FFAs with his stealth killing random people*

My Hogwarts map would suit an RPG gametype as well, I think. It's highly detailed and while it doesn't contain a prison, it does have dungeons ;).

If you haven't been by my Hogwarts WIP thread in awhile, there's some new screenies up of the dungeon section, which is what I'm currently working on.

03-13-2003, 04:43 AM
*downloads HogWarts Beta* /me is in love :rolleyes:

03-13-2003, 12:43 PM
Sorry, but my character ISNT godlike, because they're pretty much extint. Hunted AKA killed off... Only they have good saber powers but that doesnt mean they're the best in the universe. Ur thinking that because they COME from the force, means they have godlike powers. Well, Reddi doesnt even actually aquire his real force powers until he's realized the truth about his race. Lets face it, hes a loner, and the Jedi still dont know much about him even tho he is one. Hes not God like at all, and if you took that the wrong way, then let me clarify...

Hes the only one outside of the palace... do you think gods run away and hide? They're doing it for a purpose... SO THEY WONT DIE. Simple. They arent godlike in any way. In fact, as the story continues, Reddi finds the temple, and its EMPTY. No ones there, but an obi wan like spirit of his ancestor appears. Listen, hes no more powerful than anyone in all of starwars, please realise that. A thermal Detonator could blow his socks off. If ANYONE is more Godlike, its the Sith, who were originally created. And who killed most of the Dakari??? The SITH. Thats right. They're all equal in every way, only the Dakari are NATURALLY gifted with their ability. Just like how Anakin and Luke after him were NATURALLY gifted with the ability to fly! Its the same exact thing.

They Die, They're Normal, and They are gifted at something Some Normal person isnt.. Now where does the Godlike Part come in???


03-14-2003, 04:05 PM
Thanks a lot for the feedback. I will try to get as much of this stuff as i can into the map.:)

Also, some screenshots will be coming soon (In the WIP thread for this map).

03-16-2003, 08:12 AM
Remember you have to have a bar. ;)

The more 'interactive' objects should add fun for role-players. (+USE functions or general push buttons)

There's lots of ideas to add, the best innovative fresh and new ones are best. Just take a look around outside and at other popular maps. :)