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03-10-2003, 02:02 PM
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A Crafters PA
“Where Knowledge and Profit are Shared”


The Consortium is a professional and highly organized SWG Player Association, soon to be located on the Wanderhome server. Our members pride themselves on the dedication and maturity required to make us the best PA in the galaxy…

Our ultimate objective is for TCON to become the leading name in the crafting of high quality items on Wanderhome, whilst maintaining a community of breadth and diversity, offering protection and support for all members. We are a neutral PA, and will never declare war, nor accept a mutual declaration of war, on any other PA or faction.

TCON aims to support the development of each of our members, by providing the best knowledge, security, resources, contacts and financial support. All TCON members will work together, in a cooperative manner, to achieve this ambition. Additionally, TCON will offer its members loans, profit-sharing and, most importantly, friendship.

The Consortium presently has a solid base of 171 registered, active members. As we approach launch, we are pleased to accept a limited number of candidates to our ranks. If your chosen primary profession is listed below, we invite you to apply.
You may pursue more than one profession in game, of course. For instance, you may sign up as a designated Chef, but also indulge in heavy combat or be a creature handler on the side.

The professions we are presently recruiting are listed in the order of greatest need, meaning we have more openings at the top of the list than at the bottom:

- Industrialists
- Merchants

- Intelligence Operatives (not a SWG profession, pre se, but for those who lean toward the rogue/spy lifestyle. Note: TCON will not, ever, condone espionage/infiltration of other PA’s)

- Chefs
- Musicians
- Dancers
- Doctors
- Combat Medics

- Farmers

- Armorcrafters

- Dedicated Combatants, ranged specialist preferred (does not include Bounty Hunter).

If you think you have what it takes to join The Consortium, please request a MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM by sending an e-mail with the name of your preferred profession to:

Bhin`der, Recruitment Team Manager:

The recruitment window will remain open for 7 days, from the time and date of this post. Application requests received after the deadline will not be accepted.

Applications will be reviewed for 7 days after receipt, and we encourage all whom apply to become active on our public forums and IRC in order to get to know our members better. Putting your best foot forward will aid your application.
If your application is declined, you will be advised of the reason via e-mail.
If your application is approved, you will become a Recruit with limited membership priviliges, for a 4 week period. At the end of this period a review will be conducted for consideration as a full member.

Please take the time to familiarize yourself with TCON before applying:
Website: http://www.andromedaspace.com/Consortium/home.php
All About T-CON: http://www.andromedaspace.com/Consortium/about.htm
(ensure that you read the Code of Conduct, FAQ and all other documents)
Forums: http://www.andromedaspace.com/forum/index.php
IRC: Server: irc2.frws.com Port: 6667 Channel: #theconsortium
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