View Full Version : A few simple scripting questions

03-11-2003, 10:42 AM
well, I don't know if this should go here but ... These aren't really questions about Icarus scripting, these are questions about making .cfg files... might seem simple to some of you , but I just couldn't figure them out...

Anyone know how to make it return the person you are targetting? their name, or id, or both? or how about the person that attacks you? or kills you? or you kill? ... I know there has to be a way to do that at least, kill trackers have to work somehow ;)

and also, is it possible to use commands with a variable instead of an integer, ... for example, in the Vulcanus adminmod or Jedi Academy mod, you can use commands on clients, for example rcon mslap 1 ... is it possible to use a variable in place of a client ID / name ? ... In case you're curious, I want to make a way to slap people that you're targetting, among other things... I suppose if tell_Attacker works, there has to be a way to return the person who's attacking you too..

I tried cg_selectedplayer , cg_selectedplayername , cg_currentselectedplayer, and cg_currentselectedplayername but they don't seem to work ... or are they? ..

I would really appreciate any help here :)