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Darth Pablix
03-12-2003, 06:36 PM

im still testing the beta and i found some things like following:

- it happens again! i was wielding dual blasters, jetpack was on (no airborn, just stand in floor whit jetpack activated).
My battery was half filled, and recovering power. Then I activate the ammo charger (ammo level was in middle) -near 140
i think- and this ammo level begins to increase, but battery, instead to reduce its charge, just stopped its regeneration.
This is great for me!! but i think doesnt must work like that. am i wrong? hehe, whatever, when the ammo chargeing ends,
battery begins to recharge itself again normally, but never, NEVER reduced its charge. An important thing: in a beginning,
this happens only in certain cases, and it seems to be randomly (Exist this word?) But now it happens ALWAYS. i dont have
any other mods, (just models like jango boba and others) "jedi vs merc = mercmod", "supermerc= 1"
"forceregenerate= 1" under these settings happens in first time, but i tested it in different sets and it still happens.
Maybe i have a problem with cvars, i dont know. Reply if someone have this bug. I repeat this bug is great for me...

- i got to tell the grappleig hook is still missing... i read some people was using it, but i got still the XYZ coord of the
previous beta, and the cord line is like a trip mine sensor ray... is necesary to activate it in some way? this is what i
mean when i asked how to use it. Understand now? Im afraid im not an excelent english speaker or writter u know.

- i made tests in a pentium 3 600mh w/voodoo3 16mb 128ram; and a pentium 3 700mh w/tnt2 32mb

- and, hehe... i know this is not the topic but... someone knows if is possible to fix the visual annoyance in jk2 using
voodoo3 videocard?