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We are the Outkasts www.theoutkasts.co.uk

we are an EU based PA but we accept applications from all over.

Are you RP or PVP?

we arnt really a mainly anything PA, we let you be whaever you want to be, come poeple are going to RP more than others and some do more PvP than others

heres a little of our history


Senator Garm Bel Ibis was one of the 3 founders of the rebel alliance along with Mon Mothma and Bail Organa. Most people believe that Mon Mothma convinced 3 of the biggest resistance groups to make an alliance but what actually happened was The Senator Bel Ibis was the one that got them to sign the Corellian Treaty. But Mon Mothma began to take over as she was the best at getting different races and species to work together. The senator was good at tactics and strategy. Mon Mothma quickly became the most visible symbol of the rebellion with the senator and Bail Organa fading into the background. When Bail Organa died in the Death star attack on Alderaan she began to put more and more power to herself. Ibis feared that she would overcome the Emperor only to replace him herself he left the alliance to make an army and wage a private war on the empire. Everyone believed he was dead apart from the people he worked with and a few souls that had heard rumours.

We are those people and have dedicated our lives to fighting the Empire and living up to the great man that is Bel Ibis.


as you can tell we are a rebel allied PA and


so if you like the sound of us so far come and look at our website and browse out forums.

theres lots more info about us there and you can get to know us as well.



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hey hows things?