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03-17-2003, 03:10 PM
The Glory of the Hunt (GOTH) might just be for you. We are an all European PA so you will be able to be in a group when your awake.

I am based in the UK so other UK players are especially welcome but all Europeans are welcome. Remember if you join an American PA there is a 6 hour time difference from the UK and even more if you live in East Europe.

Check out the website at: http://gloryofthehunt.moonfruit.com/

Q. Is this a US or European PA?
A. We a European based PA looking for all itís member to be located in Europe(Iím in the UK)

Q. Why should I join early?
A. .Because if you join a Pa which has lots of members you will be ďjust another oneĒ. If you join now you will be in the High Council( there is only one place left)

Q. What server will the GOTH play on?
A. Starsider

Q. Will the GOTH have its own city?
A. Yes, when we have enough resources we will be constructing one

Q. What professions and species is GOTH accepting.
A. The GOTH will be accepting all professions and species.

Q. What faction is the GOTH aligned with?
A. The members will get to decide this one.

Q. How much time do we expect members to spend playing SWG a week?
A.. I understand you canít be playing all the time but it would be nice to see all the members active at least once a week.

Q. Will the GOTH be a RolePlaying PA?
A. The GOTH doesnít mind about this one. I will be roleplaying.

Q. What are the goal of the GOTH?
A. To leave a mark on the Galaxy

Q. Which planet will the GOTH settle on?
A. Rori

Q. How do I join the GOTH?
A. Go to our website and post in the forum. Click here-->


03-27-2003, 12:55 PM
If you are into RPing check out:


A good RP community so check it out!!