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03-17-2003, 04:20 PM
I have decided to write this story in the 1st person, from the point of view of Ace Azzameen, the hero of the PC game, X-Wing Alliance. I may or may not give the details of the game, and it may be kind of confusing if I don't. The title scroll may or may not be enough for you. I will try to get the 1st chapter out soon...

Star Wars

X-Wing Alliance II

2 years have passed since the Rebel victory at Endor. The NEW REPUBLIC is forming many squadrons to aid in the military effort to defeat the tyranny of the IMPERIAL REMNANT. Among them is a group of mixed fighter classes designed to be on the Outer Rim to stop pirate raids and any Imperial smugglers.

The leader of the group is MAJOR OLIN GARN, veteran of the Battle of Endor, Battle of Bakura, and many minor conflicts that were both won and lost by the Rebellion. Second in command is Commander ACE AZZAMEAN, the young hero that took part in just as many battles as his CO.

Ace is son of the late Tomaas Azzamean, former owner of the Azzamean Shipping Company that their rivals, VIRAXO ran out of buisness soon after the Battle of Hoth. Now, EMON AZZAMEAN, older brother to Ace, runs the company while running dozens of smuggling missions for the Republic in his Firespray-class ship, the Andrasta.

Meanwhile, AERON AZZAMEAN, the sister to Ace and Emon, uncovers a mysterious clue that may have once belonged to their uncle Antan, the man that set them up and betrayed the family and was chased off by Emon during the Battle of Endor, and that he may be up to his old ways and be plotting a scheme against the New Republic....