View Full Version : Machine Room in Shambala

Squint Grimjaw
11-20-1999, 05:20 PM
I got the big machine working by pushing the block and now the X is in a smaller room above this area with another movable block. What do I need to do?
This game has been a breeze until level 4 which is making me insane.

11-20-1999, 06:05 PM
Pull the block into position and the clock will start (the room here indy made the comment about his father).


Squint Grimjaw
11-20-1999, 06:39 PM
That little icy creature made me race through that room and I ended up way down by the big machine and if you start that first you cannot push or pull the clock piece in place.
Thanks for your post.

11-21-1999, 03:48 AM
Sure you can. I had the crank turning long before I figured out the middle gear was on on a movable block.