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Kray San Gin
03-18-2003, 01:49 PM
I'm going to explain a project in hopes of attracting some of the best skinners/modellers, mappers, and scripters for a mod idea I'd like to head up.

Besides developing a new idea that inspires and entertains, I also wish to head up a creative team in an effort to create an "in" into the gaming industry. I have contacts that are eagerly awaiting evidence of creative ability. With that said, I'm inviting those interested with relevant experience to contact me for consideration.

You will have to love this game, have the time to contribute to this project and be willing to take direction, as well as provide productive input.

Important Note: I realise that this concept is also in full development by another team for a mod named Bushido. My goal is to not undermine their efforts, rather to create our own interpretation.


This mod will feature supporting maps, models, skins, weapons, sound files, ambient sounds and music all based on a feudal Japanese setting.

The purpose of this is to create a mod that allows players to hone their weapon skills array of swords, spears, and possibly bow, as well.

I'd like to have Kimono clad Samurai, Armoured Samurai, Ronin, Ninja, commoner/farmer, geisha-like assassins, and possibly archers.

Weapons would consist of Katana, wakazashi, tanto, no-dachi, ninja-to, spears and possibly bow.

The atmosphere would reflect feudal Japan with Zen gardens, castle courtyards, teahouses, countryside, village centers, ambient sounds, costumes and music all to enhance the experience.

There will no force powers or magic---just weapon skill.

The concept is to create a mod where warriors can pit themselves against many opponents in hectic battles or personal 1 vs. 1 challenges to determine weapon mastery.

If you've ever seen Yojimbo, Seven Samurai, Throne of Blood, Sanjuro, etc. then you know what I'm aiming for.

If you think you have the ability to contribute to this idea to create a full-scale mod, then please contact me with relevant examples of your work and ability at blackpencildesign@hotmail.com . Serious replies only!

About me:
I am a graphic designer and illustrator and have been so for several years. My ambition is to gain experience in heading up a game dev. team as well as enjoying the creative team effort.

I would like to give back to the JK community by producing a memorable mod that not only is a great product but gains recognition for all involved in its development.

Thank you!