View Full Version : custom NPCs, 3 questions.

03-18-2003, 07:06 PM
As new models are released, I have been adding them to .pk3 packs in different catagories, for example:

* NPC's Jedi & Sith.pk3
* Npc's FriendlyGunners.pk3
* Npc's EnemyGunners.pk3

All for single player of course, but anyway I got 3 questions.

* Is there some limit to the amount of extra NPC's you can add? cos its getting harder to add NPC's. My Jedi & Sith .pk3 has about 42 npc's in it alone.

* Also the jedi/sith .pk3 makes the other two not work when they're all in the base folder, do I have to put them all in 1 .pk3 or what? I'd prefer not to.

* I also tried to make a Neutral .pk3 with outcast/neutral force users in it, but I could'nt get it to work properly. Is it possible to have neutral force users at all? The idea for this is for mapping, I dont want the NPC's to be enemies and attack me(unless I attack) or be friendly and follow me around like idiots.