View Full Version : Babylonian Nightmares - stuck in map room

11-17-1999, 01:12 PM
If someone could help me out here, I would appreciate it. The problem is that I am in the second level.
I have placed all the "ruin puzzle" pieces in the correct spots in the map room. I have placed the machine part in the machine. I see the map. How the hell do I get out of here now? The Indy Hint is telling me to go right outside of the map room, but nothing is there except a gold button on the wall. I can't press it at all though.

Thanks in advance,

11-17-1999, 01:27 PM
I figured it out. Let me know if anyone else gets stuck here.


11-21-1999, 04:20 PM
This is the exact same place I am stuck and I can't figure it out. Can you give me a spoiler as to what to do? Thanks

11-21-1999, 05:45 PM
You have to pull the block all the way off the elevator into the little room where you got the treasures. Then the button works.