View Full Version : Level 3 - How to Get in Guard Station?

11-19-1999, 11:31 PM
DOH! I've killed all the Soviet guards outside and raised the road barricade (though I have NO idea why) but can't for the life of me figure out my next move. Hurry, before those darned wolves come nipping at my heels again!

11-20-1999, 01:10 AM
I never knew what raising the roadblock did either. You need to go back in the guard tower and go as far down as you can. It might be obvious then.


11-20-1999, 09:33 AM
See, the problem is that I haven't figured out how to GET in the Guard Tower. Door locked, can get on the roof but not past the tower (I can see the ladder down) and trying to leap from the cliffside onto the higher level of the tower, but that doesn't seem to make it.

Back, White Fang! Back!

11-21-1999, 02:12 AM
Work your way back up onto the high ground behind the guard tower. Line yourself up, run and jump, you should grab the walking platform and pull yourself up. Go down ladder.


11-21-1999, 11:46 AM
I have a raft and repair kit and am at the Guard Station. How do I inflate it and get into it to hit the river? I've opened the metal gate and at the dock. Please help, I'm getting cold standing here!

11-21-1999, 06:06 PM
snow, I think you are in the wrong reply area.....go to the edge of the river, click esc, go to your equip, scroll down to the raft (little yellow thingee) then hit Ctrl (or enter, maybe)....then good luck....