View Full Version : Can someone make this map for the +POO+ Clan

03-20-2003, 12:59 AM
Seeing as how I cant get these darned instructions right no matter what and some of my fellow clan members cant do nothing better but model and skin,we cant map,we asked around on our server but no takers,so i was wondering if someone could help us out and make a simple map for us.the +POO+ clan.
the map should include:
1)15 dorms put into a big area,5 on the left,5 on the right, and then 5 in the back area. 5|_|5
each room big enough to fit a bed,chair and desk,and a closet with health and sheilds in it.I want something different tho in my dorm..a little stair way behind the closet(button will be hidden,ill tell u where i want it) leading down to a Space background and something like the Boss in Final Fantasy X(ill get a screen shot of that and also to make that area place a final fantasy x song.),a small bar w/ tables and under my bed another stair case leading down to a small duel arena(button in a different place) and a locker looking thing filled with health and sheilds.
2)two duel arenas:boxing type and like a tekken lookin one(dont really care which lvl)
3)a hall big enough for a good ffa,the hall will connect everything together.(if u take it ill give u more details and an sketch to help ya out)
4)a council room,like the one in jedicouncilgc3(but with a space background,and a meditation chamber with 6 seats around a fire in a space room.
5)add these secrets:a hot tub,a Forest with trees and music that plays from legend of zelda(ill supply that song)

The over all song i will supply for you.
all the other songs that i want in it ill give you too.

Is anyone up to this cuz we would love if some one could make it for us.We can model everthing that we want in the map give u a layout of what it should look like.Ill supply the music,the models,and layout.All i ask is that if someone could put it all together for us.Plz someone help us with this...

the maker may also add something that satisfies them also to the map, just plz keep to this list as good as u can.but u may add what ever u want.( like in big letters +POO+ Map by (your name)).

03-21-2003, 02:01 AM
Is this map to train your clan? Or is it a public map? If it is a pulic map, the clan might take the credit for itself. But if it was a "Private map" I could do it.

03-21-2003, 05:49 PM
Maybe for Clan Server Regulars.....so itll be private to those who are on out site there will be a password given to people we want to have that map. so yes a private clan map. if it was public we wouldve given u full credit and like i said u can put in big red letters: MAP BROUGHT TO YOU BY (YOUR NAME HERE) in the main hall or somethin. but thats up to u if u want to let it go public we can give full entire credit to u.So yes on the private and up to u if u let it go public.heres my masters email so u can talk to him


03-21-2003, 05:54 PM
im online right now so if ya need to talk to me my Aim is:RedDSlayer,my clan freinds are on too so we can discuss this with ya if youd like.