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03-20-2003, 02:30 AM
Have you ever heard such a festering load of bull**** in all your life?

03-20-2003, 02:32 AM
Not since they renamed "Operation Enduring Freedom" to "Operation Swift Freedom". Thanks for trying, guys. No, really. What the hell is "Swift Freedom", anyway? An orgasm?

03-20-2003, 03:13 AM
I think it should have been changed to; "Operation: Freedom for God's country America and all those who adhere to its values and\or rush to kiss its hallowed ass. The rest of you backward-thinking camel-****ing towel-headed devil-spawn can rot hell where you damn well belong, you heathens!"

God bless America!

03-20-2003, 03:39 AM
I think BBC1 is stuck in some kind of incredibly irritating loop.

"War on Iraq"
"Attacked Military Leaders! Could be Saddam! Could end there says American Intelligence!"
"George Bush is gonna take more of your money, he went on the Television!"
"War on Iraq!"

03-20-2003, 02:31 PM
What the Hell? Who cares about all that crap? Just go kill everyone and win the bloody war! What's up with everyone??? Isn't it like being in a fight with someone you really hate and giving them pads and stuff?

03-21-2003, 06:57 AM
Finally, I have something good to say about America! I've been reading reports that surrendering Iraqi military units are being allowed to keep their sidearms and go back to their bases. That's pretty damn sporting of the Yanks, I feel. A man feels that much more like a man with a piece at his side. For a soldier that's especially important. Of course, the desicion isn't fueled entirely by generosity and a sense of fair play - the Americans simply don't want to have to lug a hundred thousand prisoners around the desert that would have to be simultaneously protected and guarded. I guess when you hold all the aces, there isn't much honour in passing a few high cards around the table. But then, the Iraqis do get to remain armed and head home. I doubt a prisoner of war anywhere could lay claim to getting a better deal than that.

Darth Eggplant
03-21-2003, 01:16 PM
i like war
but they should be honest about it.

U.S presidential speach:
(as it should have been)

my fellow americans,
we had a terrorist attack
perpetrated against us.
it was tragic,
we spent a lot of time
cleaning up the ruins.
americans sent money
to the red cross
to help the families
of theose affected,
the red cross bought
computer equipment instead.
we then went to afghanistan
historically the break water
of all wars. alexander the great
could not conquer it,
the russians had their own
private vietnam there.
so we went out and spent
a lot of money kicking stones
in the middle of nowhere
nomadic goats
smirked all the while.
now we have put together
a whole bunch of new weapons,
we have to kick some ass
so the world does not see
that we are weak.
so because my daddy
had problems with him
and it's a bit of a family issue
plus we really need the oil bad
and it will be great for our ecconomy
we are going over their to liberate
that poor oil for ourselves.
and yes we did go into Kuwait
during the gulf war
and the people renamed
a street for us
but now popular sentiment
is against us.
it is in pakistan too
and turkey for that matter.
also in saudi arabia,
hell all the arabs states
dislike us,
the people are all following
religious leaders urging them
to kill every israelite and american
so the world will be a better place
and the governments of these countries
are powerless to stop populic opinion
and public sentiments,
so knowing we are not wanted
there or in Korea,
we will just hang around.
now we gave saddm 12 years
and days and days of
we will attack soon
we will attack soon
boy oh boy
this is just the skirmish
we will begin
kicking serious ass
any day now,
howerever if you guys
could sort of initiate
a middle eastern
'bay of pigs'
sort of thing and oust
your leader for us
we would appreciate it.
(and i mean we did not punish)
saddam the first time for the
catostophic enviromental terrorism
he commited blowign those oil wells.
hell the UN if it really had teeth
should have banished Iraq
to non world status forever
for that one, and the US
and all the allies should have
gone in and liberated Iraq
and brought Saddam to justice
for that, but we only wanted
to weaken the country just enough
so that we could get some coin
out of the oil.
now unlike fiction;
oil is not the spice melange
yet the middle east is dune
and the arab nations
are the fremen.
and if you ever read dune
you would know that fremen
even their women and children
will fight to make sure
not one single Harkohnen lives
and even sadurkar against them
is not a good idea.
so we the west
the G7 or 8 world
should simply switch to solar,
and all other alt power sources.
tell the 3 car manufacturrers
to start producing.
set up wind turbines
learnt how cold fusion works.
and stop dealing
with the middle east completely.
after all they have one and only one
viable export, and are in need
of everything else from us.
let them have their oil
they can't eat it.
and we should charge $100 dollars
per orange, per needle, per bandage,
per anything technological, or elsewise
since it costs $100 dollars US
per barrel of oil.
and americans jumped the gun
with the japanese in WW2
now we are all so PC that
we should almost be doing it now,
or rather all middle eastern people
who feel that america is a bad place
and americans are souless infedels
in league with satan, well here's
a parachute for when we fly you over
and dump you back into the country
you came from. since it is so
ideologically pure. please don't let
the door bite your ass on the way out.
also all these middle eastern countries
who say they are against terrorism
yet they fund them, why does anyone
americans included need anonymous
bank accounts in switzerland
or the caymans? all those funds
should be taken. case and point.
and all these terrorist and religious
leaders coming to america to educate
themselves and then return home
so that they can fill illiterate peoples
heads full of anti western propoganda.
and all the while here at least
in canada the canadian arab federations
president has the following to say:
'if islamic terrorists can sneak into
canada and get past your security
good for them! it's your problem
that your not vigilent enough.'
'and media and journalists
should not use or introduce
the term islamic terrorist
into the common venacular.
yes these people are middle eastern
and yes they are islamic
and yes they are terrorists
and yes they say that
alah has commanded that they kill
every single israelite and american
and that they will die and go to
our islamic version of heaven
and get 70 wives and 70 mistress'
but that does not make them
fundamentalist islamic terrorists.
*anyways you'll have noticed
it stopped being a speach,
and became a rant; oh say
when i began really*
anyhwo americans
as your president
i just want to
say this to you all:
we are bombing them with
cruise missiles
(i would say they qualify as)
weapons of mass destruction.
and we have high tech satelities
in space, and we have B52 bombers
always up their spying, er rather
collecting topographical information.
<if Saddam had this technology
it would be evil> but we have it
so it okay.
and we will send bombs into Iraq
from way outside their borders
and these missiles will fly
under the radar,
so they can not be detectected
<and if Saddam, sent missiles
such as these at us it would be evil>
but because we do it is okay.
and Iraqis will learn how
humane our soldiers really are.
<and Saddam is bad, real bad,
an agent of evil, because he builds
government and military instalations
inside populated areas where civilians
can get hurt> but we have ourselves
the White House and The Pentagon
inside a populated area, where
civilians and tourists can get hurt;
but that is okay, cause we are
the good guys. and we deffend the world.
after all we won WW2, don't let the fact
that we sat out 2\3rds or more of it
before getting involved.
anyhow america
this is why we go to war.
don't let anyone tell you
it is an illegal war,
(as if such an oxymoron even exists)
yes God Bless America!
and the only good Saddam
is a Dead Saddam.

Tall Guy
03-21-2003, 01:57 PM
I'm for the war.

Not because I like to see innocent women and children killed but I want to see Iraq liberated and its leader overthrown.

How the world can stand back and let Saddam continually beef up his supply of weapons of mass destruction and treat 'his' people how he does is beyond me...

In my opinion peace protesters are very nieve people, you have to understand that the people of Iraq don't want to live under the rule of Saddam any londer, they hate his regime and long to be free. Sure, there are some who support him but many don't.

This war is just, it is needed and the world will be a better place once it's finished and the people of Iraq liberated.

03-22-2003, 06:48 AM
You also have to understand the reasons why the American government have chosen to liberate Iraq rather than other nations that are suffering a great deal more. North Korea are also known to have "tha bomb" and hundreds of thousands are starving because Jong spends too much on purchasing guns and explosives. The Palestineans and the Israelites have suffered for long enough too. Blah Blah etc.

I do see the benefits of this war, but I don't think this is the best way to go about it. The Iraqis who want to be liberated will leave the country anyway, and probably never return, and in order to "liberate" them, we will first have to kill them. America forced the sanctions upon Iraq, profited from them, enforced them, bombed Iraqi civilians regularly, and now, for some reason, they've just decided to "liberate" them without finding any weapons of mass destruction or "liberating" the more obvious targets first. It's pure coincidence that Iraq holds a certain natural resource that the US are running out of / losing control of.

There is really only one reason the US will be bombing Iraq, the others are just bonuses. In the long run, this is just going to increase the number of terrorist attacks on the US.

Protestors only want to get out of work, Protesting never really helps when it's just people waving signs.

Darth Eggplant
03-22-2003, 11:41 AM
*the following may sound oddball and kooky*

I wonder about something personally,
George W spoke on and on about Saddam's
vast store of Biological and Chemical
warfare capabilities; ANd just before
the War beginns and everyone assumes
Bush got the first licks in SARS suddenly
is coming to the USA and the UK and I bet
Australia next. I mean it is sudden,
and scientists and doctors have never seen
it's like before. (someone reported to
knowing how to produce Anthrax
and Small Pox, well SARS couldn't be that much more difficult and it is only hollywood
but Osmosis Jones the virus villian Drax,
he planned to invade Frank with something
as innocuos as the common cold.
so there are islamic factions in the far
east now. so if I was going to mastermind
a viral assault I would do the following
(A) start it as far away from me as possible.
Asia is pretty far. (B) I would infect non
arabic people. (C) I would target a group
of people who would have reason to visit
the USA, the UK, Australia and Europe.
*I do not seem to sound racist and if this
is I appologize in advance* but people from
Hong Kong or other parts of Asia are more
likely to visit the rest of the world
than the middle east. I mean most of here
in North America will never visit
the middle east especially if a war is on.
so starting a disease in the far east and
letting it sweep across to the west
is a plan indeed. (D) lastly a antidote.
Saddam might have an antidote which he is not
going to share with non islamic people.
or he may be wanting to go down in flames
with all his people coming with him.

*at any rate because I do not have a life
I tend to think of stuff like this.

Tall Guy
03-25-2003, 08:03 AM

pro-war propaganda ;) take a look.