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03-21-2003, 12:02 PM
Hi all, I've been posting here for a week now. I just have some questions that I don't think were answered by the webpage or by the osts here already.

1) Would I have to start out on Corellia?
2) What will be the commitment of play?
2a) Would I have to play a certain number of hours a week?
2b) What's the attendence for meetings? Perhaps I missed one, what happens?

Right now those are the only questions that I have been pensive over. One thing I like about =A= is the level of RPing I see. I plan to RP most of the time while I'm playing- and it's exciting to finally see this happen. I also like the friendly feeling I get from the posts and what not. So, I guess I'm really contemplating on joining, I'd just like some of those questions answered. And more if I think of 'em.


03-21-2003, 12:38 PM
*looks up, out of a deep pile of rubbish, broken weaponry and other generic bits and pieces that filles the floor of her backyard*

Oh, it's you, didn't recognize you at first, thought it was some stranger. Well, questions you say? I'll do my best to answer them. Help me get that blaster cap and I'll tell you:

1) Nope. We start our careers where to stars choses for us to start. Don't worry, you can find transportation and catch up with us whenever you like to.

2) Oooh.. that is not for certain yet. *Starts polishing the blaster cap*. I'll do my best to be available, but I have other things to attend to. Gotta earn my living, you know? But look at the forums, and see how much time we spend there. It's a vague pointer, I'd guess.

2a) What you say? Nah, forget that! Wouldn't want you runting around my feet all the time, right? *grin* No, don't take it that way. We won't force members to be online. If we are a good enough community that makes your stay with us as fun as we aim for, then you'll want to be around at all time, right? Right. So basically, if people are never online, it's our fault, not the members.

2b) What, the meetings? Well, they're nothing special at all *blushes*. Now, we do have leader meetings. And it is a good thing you don't see the logs from them, hehe. Members meetings are not that important right now *fixates the cap on a detonator*, because *grunt*, everyone... is on the forums. Here, we discuss things that affects the members. If something would require a meeting, we'll have one. But this far, we have never had use for one. We'll see once we start playing. Thanks for your help, it was a fair cost for the service of answering the questions, don't you think?

Wraith 8
03-22-2003, 04:07 PM
well set has explained a lot ofcourse :D although we are not always to blaim when players leave :p

and the meetings is indeed in the discussion... :D