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03-22-2003, 11:53 AM
Hey all,

Some of you may remember a Total Conversion mod in the works last year called Star Wars : Team Assault. I was one of the people heading up that mod at the time.

However, the team gradually dispersed (as mod teams often do for various reasons...)

I got out of the modding scene for a while, but lately I decided to try and do some work on Team Assault on my own for a while. More just out of curiosity more than anything else - I wanted to see how much I could get done on my own.

..I've managed to make substantial progress as it turns out.

The Movie Battles (http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=94813) mod is what I've been able to get done so far on my own. I haven't called it Team Assault because I'm only one man! I can't fulfill the full scope of Team Assault on my own!

However, after getting some good feedback from the mod and getting offers of help from several people, I'm thinking seriously about ressurecting the original concept - i.e. ressurecting the Team Assault Total Conversion mod.

For those who didn't hear about it before, the extra stuff that would be in Team Assault on top of Movie Battles would be:

* Team-based objective play. (Hostage rescue etc.)
* Maps based on film scenes (also EU or totally original senarios are possible too)
* Classic and open settings for maps.
Open will be similar to Movie Battles. Classic will restrict certain details to more accuretly reflect the movie scene. (e.g. player-number limits and enforced models)
* Player progression over rounds. (Potentially gain powers, weapons etc. each round depending on how well you complete objectives...)

There is more than this, but I want to see if I can get people to help before I start spilling out all the details...

The reasons I am far more confident it can succeed this time are these:

* I've got a demo mod which people can play and get a much better idea of what potential Team Assault has...

* The code base has already had substantial work, so the time needed to get to first release is substantially shorter.

* I'm going to go for a first realase with a small number of maps intially - again, keeping the important first release well within reach...

I already have one mapper fully on board who is working on a map as we speak. (The objective is to 'Capture the Viceroy' - end of Ep.I)

I want to keep the team relatively small, and I will only take on people who I think are serious about getting this done - as well as, of course, having the nessesary talent.

I am specifcally looking for 1 more mapper, 2 modellers and a GOOD website dude.

My e-mail: renegadeofphunk@3dactionplanet.com

Please get in touch ASAP...