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03-22-2003, 08:05 PM
This is going to be a LOT of fun. I've decided to make a Starcraft Zealot. I don't know if it's been done before or not, but I'm hopin to make a real cool model. Hopefully I'll get some help from my friend Matt-Liell for details later on.

I haven't really got anything to post so far, but I will be working on this a lot and will post as soon as I have what I think is worth posting.

Heres the image I'm basing it off of....


EDIT: The site with the image i was using has dissappeared, so i posted a new one.

03-22-2003, 08:44 PM
This will be REALLY cool when its done! Look forward to seeing your work!

03-22-2003, 09:03 PM
Humm your posting but your not on MSN! Auugh! Hey, if you contact me via MSN, ill be willing to show you my small progress. Dont wanna give away small little things to the public just yet ;).

03-22-2003, 09:07 PM
Sorry but my bro wants the comp, I'd just like this opportunity to offer my services as a skinner for ya!;)

03-22-2003, 09:21 PM
Yup ill probably need a skinner for this. I'lll most likely be makin textures myself.

gt r?
03-22-2003, 10:23 PM
nice =) good luck man and i hope this model will be completed 8]


03-22-2003, 10:35 PM
Yeah. I hope it'll be completed too. lol.

03-23-2003, 03:28 AM
Cool, I love starcraft (suck at it/strategy games tho :( ), and the Zealot is one of the coolest units. I'm looking forward to this. (and may luck be on your side :D).

03-23-2003, 07:21 PM
groovy good selection :)

03-23-2003, 08:16 PM
that's cool!...I have some reference pics of the head, if you want'em just PM'ed me

03-23-2003, 08:20 PM
Did some work tonight. Its still pretty basic, the shapes are gonna need an overhaul. This is pretty much waist down.


Darth NeoVenom
03-24-2003, 12:33 PM
Very Cool. You know what will be cool, if the Zealot Model can use it'z hand blades instead of using a lightsaber. One question, after you're done doing this model, will you make other Starcraft characters such as different classes of Zealots or like Zergs or Terrians? (did I spell it right ? Or is it Terrans? I don't know :D) :saberr: :dmaul3: :sprobe: :sithm: :holosid:

03-24-2003, 03:34 PM
Actually i was thinking of doing that. I think ill make it my thing to have a starcraft theme for modelling :)

Hellfire Jedi
03-24-2003, 03:42 PM
Neo, do you have to post in red all the time. It hurts my eyes and I always read it for no apparent reason.

03-24-2003, 03:49 PM
OFF TOPIC: What happened to...ooOOOoOoo BOUNCY!!?

gt r?
03-24-2003, 05:43 PM
yeah kinda hard to read wut ur saying,write in black or white


03-24-2003, 05:55 PM
Originally posted by Darth NeoVenom
Very Cool. You know what will be cool, if the Zealot Model can use it'z hand blades instead of using a lightsaber.

lol, I was thinking about the same thing...indeed that will be so cool!

03-24-2003, 06:38 PM
I was also thinking i would do that. I could make the tags so that the saber comes out of the arm somehow, then i could make the other arm look all smashed up and stuff to explain why theres no saber there! ahah

Darth NeoVenom
03-24-2003, 07:04 PM
Cool idea Brodin. Sorry for it is annoying typing in red...but it isn't bad around the navy blue background. Right? I just won't post in red when I know there's going to be a gray background. :saberr: :dmaul3: :sprobe: :sithm: :holosid:

03-25-2003, 08:22 PM
I had almost a 2000 poly count with the earlier post i showed you. i managed to cut it down to about 1200 just by cutting the spheres in half. more optimization will occur, and i will post some more updates in a couple days.

03-26-2003, 09:54 AM
Interesting concept. I wish you the best of luck with this. I love Starcraft, so YOU BETTER GET IT RIGHT!

Naw, just playin'. Good luck.

03-26-2003, 07:50 PM
Originally posted by Brodin
OFF TOPIC: What happened to...ooOOOoOoo BOUNCY!!?

I still have bouncy link in my sig...and used to have a bouncy avatar, but LeXX took it off (or some other mod). :mad:

:D great choice btw!!

03-27-2003, 07:38 PM
Minor update: I seem to be a wreck when it comes to making feet. I need some advice on how to shape these. (yes, they are hoove shaped) I am basing the feet off the following picture...


and here is what i have so far.


Tell me what i should do, in regards to the whole model so far. Thanks.

03-28-2003, 11:22 AM
En taro Adun!

The Brood War cutscene at the end of the Protoss campaign has some good views of Protoss feet.

This would be very helpful to you, Blizzard released a StarCraft sound extractor utility, that takes all the sounds in game and converts them to .wav files. So you can include all the Protoss Zealot unit sounds with your model. :cool:

03-28-2003, 03:43 PM
Sounds good, but I won't be needing that for a while yet! What I will need is someone to help me with the feet. :)

03-29-2003, 01:12 PM
I'm still lookin for advice on how i should shape the feet. any ideas are welcome!

04-04-2003, 10:26 PM
The model looks really good and the second picture seems like a nice one to base the legs off of.

Ok the feet need to be bigger and there needs to be no heel. From his "ankles"(if you will) his hoof kinda juts out a little in front of the ankle/joint thing.

Look at some pictures of horse hooves to get a better idea of the overall shape.

Also try an accent(maybe over accent) the features of the leg since the zealot legs are a very well designed feature on it.

04-04-2003, 10:48 PM
I've played starcraft for about 3 years. I love the game, I have an idea about how to do the lightsaber arms, you could always use the hilt. Most jedi players don't know this, but my avatar is a starcraft wireframe for the wraith. Love the idea, maybe you could make a zerg hydralisk or kerrigan as a sequel. STARCRAFT ROCKS!
P.S.:By the way I had no idea that zealots had hoves. Kinda retarded lol.

04-05-2003, 10:34 AM
lol tru. I haven't had much time to work recently, ive had a huge project goin on for school. I'll probably start workin again next week.

04-08-2003, 01:35 AM
do whatcha gotta do :)

04-19-2003, 10:00 PM
So, how's it gone so far? I'm looking forward to kick ass with it. :) Common, allota ppl like starcraft, lets see progress.

04-20-2003, 11:17 AM
Yeah I've had a lot of school work going on, and this weekend has been busy so far too. I did a BIT of work on the feet, but nothing worth posting. Ill do some work on it next weekend I hope and also througout the week.

04-20-2003, 12:58 PM
Originally posted by Brodin
Yeah I've had a lot of school work going on, and this weekend has been busy so far too. I did a BIT of work on the feet, but nothing worth posting. Ill do some work on it next weekend I hope and also througout the week.

Ah you caught "Icantmodelbecauseofschoolitis" too? Lol I just got out of the hospital on thursday. Don't worry you will model again!:p