View Full Version : For the guy needing help on level 10

11-22-1999, 05:17 AM
I am not parliament, but what you have to do is get onto the pressure switch on the one side and then run to the otherside climb the block and then the wall, this gets you azerims part. (Taklits part really helps do this). Once you get azerims part run out and stand on the tile underneath one of the blue crystals. One of the ones to the left or right of the open doors (not the high ones). WHilst under press your action (ctrl) key and then your up key. THis will start you flying up. Then, much like withthe whip, just alt + up key and you are off. THe end of the ledges you are on descend under your weight. When you hit hte bottom it causes a spike to rise up out of the ground. make sure hte snake is over the appropiate spike. It takes about 5 spikes to kill him.

gl- Law