View Full Version : The Order Of The Outer Rim -- A European SWG PA -- Recruitment thread #1

03-23-2003, 04:49 AM
The Order Of The Outer Rim has opened its immigration offices to begin accepting new citizens. The Order Of The Outer Rim is now calling for all types of professions and species to join it in its struggle against the empire and to live in peace and prosperity. Economic director Mitchel Vanderstraten states, "We are really trying to achieve a diverse and dedicated society. Through dedication and diversity we will be successful in our ongoing battle against the empire". “Our dedication to our members is our primary goal. We strive to assist all ranks in achieving their ultimate goal.” Jyskal, Chairman of the council. The Chairman of The Order Of The Outer Rim answers the following questions;

Q. Is this a US or European PA?
A. We are a European PA planning on playing on the European severs. This is why we are mainly looking for European members!

Q. Why should I join early?
A. You should join early because there are many openings for leadership positions and you will get to know the people of Star Wars Galaxies that you will be playing with.

Q. What server will the OOTOR play on?
A. Still has not been decided since we are waiting for the European ones. But till then we will be practicing on ECLIPSE (East Coast).

Q. Will the OOTOR have its own city?
A. Yes, The OOTOR will have one city in the start. We are aiming for 2 city or multiple outposts as we grow bigger.

Q. What are some of the things the OOTOR looks for in their members?
A. The OOTOR looks for maturity, loyalty, enthusiasm, and dedication.

Q. What professions and species is the OOTOR accepting.
A. The OOTOR will be accepting all professions and species.

Q. What faction is the OOTOR aligned with?
A. The OOTOR will be aligned with the Rebellion.

Q. How much time do we expect members to spend playing SWG a week?
A. All members are expected to play at least 5 hours a week on SWG. However, 10 hours is recommended to keep the OOTOR very active and going strong.

Q. Will the OOTOR be a RolePlaying PA?
A. The OOTOR encourages RolePlaying but it will never be forced upon anyone.

Q. Will there be a OOTOR Newsletter?
A. In the near future, the OOTOR will have a newsletter, which will come out about every 2 weeks.

Q. What are the goal of the OOTOR?
A. The goal of the OOTOR is achieve overall greatness in all good ways we can in Star Wars Galaxies.

Q. Which planet will the OOTOR settle on?
A. We are still waiting for the poll results of our members to end this question.

Q. How do I join the OOTOR?
A. Go to our website for more information. Click here (http://swg.evolutionx.be)

Q. Will members of the OOTOR be taxed?
A. Yes, all members in the OOTOR will be taxed to maintain a constant flow of income in the OOTOR. Though it will be a fair tax and all members will benefit from it over time.

If you would like to get more information or want to contacts us, just visit our website by clicking here (http://swg.evolutionx.be)!"