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03-23-2003, 03:31 PM
Over the past few months since its release in March, the Jedi Outcast community has come together to bring fans of the game hundreds and hundreds of maps to play on. Many maps, especially the dueling ones, have been in my list of favorites.
While giving ideas to a mapper (FuzzyCrimmy) I realized that there were many ideas that I had for possible future maps. Since there aren't many map requests in this forum, I've decided to create this thread for people to post their ideas and suggestions.

Ok now to the point, here are my ideas:

-An accurate/complete Death Star map (it can be based and started off of the original map made by raven)
-Rebel Blockade Runner aka Corellian Corvette
-Endor battle field w/ bunker
-Yuuzhan Vong Seedship (hey it could happen :p)
-Coruscant streets (with that snazzy bar from ep2)
-Ultimate School Map (basically the average middle-school-highschool, filled with bathrooms, a lunchroom, gym, etc)


03-23-2003, 06:07 PM
Good idea pnut!
I have some idea's too The flutter from Megamn legends 2 would own,inside and out.
Resident evil,The hive.Hudge map starting from the mansion going down to the actual hive would own.Romeo must die,the final battle would be a pretty cool dual map.
A school! With classrooms a hudge audotorium,cafateria library even outside play grounds and stuff,with swiming pools and a skate park and whatever would own!
The rooftop from syphon filter 2 would kick ass too.
Same with the Pentagon from number 3!
The bunker from 007 would be a sweet map,also that ship too.
A replica of Vimy ridge,the legendary battle of ww1,would be pretty cool for clan wars and stuff.
A city,Like a reallllllllllly big city for like ctf's and ffas and stuff would own,you can go on buildings and stuff to escape your enemies and the buildings actually blow up,so if you wanted to you coul make a terminator rip and walk arund blowin buildings up!
Some final fantasy 4 maps would own,same with models! : D
Well that's my ideas for now

03-23-2003, 07:03 PM
I think the size of the Deathstar is too large for the Q3 engine to handle, so it would have to be slightly smaller. ;)

I personally want to see a Coruscant Undercity most.

Smoke from vents, neon lights, dark shadows, blood soaked sky... you get the point. ;)

The Coruscant Promenade map is excellent. Now if only a larger FFA could be made.

There was a Coruscant Underlevels map in construction by Stamper, but he cut the project short. So now there is no map in production or made of the level.

The EPII area with Zam, Anakin and Obi-wan would look excellent on the map too.

If anyone decides to take up this project. I'll help with some ref shots. :)

03-23-2003, 07:08 PM
Wasn't there a dual map made of the Zam,Anakin,And Obi-wan incodent?
I remember havint it>.>
That would be sweet too an underlevel of coruscant,And thug bots too for like rpg mods that steal your stuff like lightsabers,then you can hack them to death with a knife and guage out there eye balls and.....Sorry Went to far there..