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11-21-1999, 09:24 PM
hmmmmm, I wonder why I haven't seen a post about swimming in the ship?.....for the life of me I can't swim underwater to the bow to pick up the key without drowning...am I missing an air pocket somewhere?.....and where is the tool to get the crane swung?....email me with a spoiler pls....

11-21-1999, 10:17 PM
You have to use the hammer on the hatch (down a passage right before you go into the big room with the key).


11-21-1999, 10:25 PM
Yeah I am having the same problem. Can someone post a solution pretty please?

11-21-1999, 11:24 PM
Hmmm... didn't I just post one?


11-22-1999, 12:08 AM
tks, Jamison, you are a lifesaver!......

11-22-1999, 06:19 PM
You can always do what I did. Swim as far as you can without drowning, first to kill all the fish. Go back and get air. Then head back and get the key, as you turn and star working your way back, you'll probably be just below half for air. When you finally run out of air, keep one finger on the "H" key and watch your health meter as you navigate your way back through the ship to the area where the air is (where you came in) It's difficult and frustrating, but it works. You'll probably chew up a LOT of health too.