View Full Version : level 4 -- where do i go with the dang plant bulb?

11-22-1999, 08:42 PM
no text

11-22-1999, 09:34 PM
Head back to the room with the big statue in the middle and the set of double doors that opens via the large handle to the right of it. Turn the large statue twice until she is facing towards the door. Head all the way up the ladder that is to the left of the double doors (you'll have to run around a couple of times and hit a switch in order to get the ladder in the right place) Once your all the way up the ladder, head up the stairs and hang a u-turn. Run back the opposite direction the stairs took you (running parallel to the stairs) and look through the window. Indy will stop and say something and you can shoot a window out. Turn back around and head to the library that is at the end of the stairs you just came up. Once in the library, head to the left and down as far as you go. Go outside the window, turn around and lower yourself until your hanging off the side of the building. Then shimmy to the right until your in front of the window you just shot out. Pull yourself up and head to the weird looking chandaleir thing to the left. Indy will say something about it looking like it could use a plant. Place the build on it and it wil lower itself down.

11-22-1999, 10:03 PM
i already did that, i mean with the plant bulb that you get after you lower it

11-22-1999, 10:07 PM
Leave it in the golden thing. Whip across to that metal window.


"Ahhhh, medicinal herbs."