View Full Version : Minecart Ride driving me Completely Insane!!

11-23-1999, 02:33 AM
Please help me! I've been stuck on the minecart level for over a day now! I figured out the beggining bit with the fuse and oiled the fourth switch and got 3 or 4 of Sol's gems... but I have no way to put them up in the gem case in the egyptian building (I see the slots for them) and I can't figure anything else to do! Oh I killed the communists riding the minecart of course and swam around a bit and found the grate that can not be opened. I despaired and turned on hints and the X was next to a minedoor that has the sound of water and I have tried many combinations but can not get the minecart to go along that route! Please tell me what to do!

11-23-1999, 03:11 AM
If you throw the cart in reverse once you get past the track switch-off in the room with the door to the waterfall, it will take you onto the alternate track which let you through the door.

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