View Full Version : Help problems with UVW mapping and such

03-27-2003, 09:15 AM
ok I made the UVW map and expanded it rotated it then I went and tried the UVW unwrap. From there I clicked edit and only a portion of my saber is there :( Please help. Thanks in Advance!

03-27-2003, 02:35 PM
You propably have a few polys still selected...go in sub-object mode, de-select all the faces and re-apply the unwrap modifier.

Thats for 3D max...others i dunno

Wes Marrakesh
03-28-2003, 12:26 AM
I've got a question too. When you get the mesh into the unwrap window, where do you go from there?

03-28-2003, 03:36 AM
If you have previously applied UVW maps (the modifier) to the model, use the Unwrap modifier to "make" the texture layout.

Unwrap is basically used to put some order in all this mess...you can cut rotate an place uvw maps. But you need to apply uvw maps before unwrapping (use planar maps as much as possible).

I guess everyone's got a different technique but that's basically it.

03-28-2003, 09:30 AM
what do ya mean I'm very very very new at this please explain slowly. And my model is a saber.

03-28-2003, 01:46 PM
Probably the best place to start is a good tutorial. I swear by this one personally, but there are loads out there:


Psyk0Sith is correct in that everyone has their own technique. A saber is a great place to start though because it's pretty simple geometry. Then you can start experimenting with characters.


03-28-2003, 02:26 PM
That is indeed an excellent tutorial...damn i almost want to upgrade to Max 5 for unwrap's advanced features ;).