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03-27-2003, 12:38 PM
You should create saber fighting styles like from the movies ...:)

03-27-2003, 01:44 PM

explain this thought please

03-28-2003, 03:28 AM
Well, we are trying to generally make the saber combat more like the movies, but what exactly did you have in mind?

03-28-2003, 10:53 AM
Not sure what he’s referring to think he could be talking about styles

2 Saber would possible be more like the film but if you could use reference’s to kung fu film as it would help the realism of the style

Double bladed style would be more like a quarter staff way of fighting

03-28-2003, 11:01 AM
Well, Y, our animator is very big on martial arts stuff. If/when new animations are possible, he'll be sure to make our new animations as true to the movies, and real world sensible as possible. :)

03-28-2003, 11:06 AM
hey give me a email i got some info on animations that may help blood riot got hold of the info from another team reaper@nwo2k.net or hes my msn messanger reaper_23

03-28-2003, 05:01 PM
Or you could just check out the stuff in the JK2 animation thread in General Editting. I'm interested in what information you got...

03-28-2003, 06:10 PM
Hope this helps you out

[22:36] <BloodRiot> hi there
[22:56] <BloodRiot> hey... i'd like to ask a favor on behalf of the dark forces 2: jedi knight enchanced mod
[22:56] <BloodRiot> we are hoping to add some moves for dueling like the academy emotes
[22:56] <BloodRiot> is it possible for you guyz to provide some sort of tutorial or example so we can use it?
[22:56] <cHoSeN-oNe> ok
[22:56] <BloodRiot> you'd be fully credited and thanked of course
[22:56] <cHoSeN-oNe> like what kind of example
[22:57] <cHoSeN-oNe> like how to get the animations?
[22:57] <BloodRiot> like the code to add one animation for instance... i'm sure we could take it from there :)
[22:57] <BloodRiot> yes
[22:57] <cHoSeN-oNe> well, all the animations can be found in anims.h
[22:57] <cHoSeN-oNe> I just used them when calling a command
[22:58] <BloodRiot> that's it... how do you call each anim?
[22:58] <cHoSeN-oNe> for some of them, I would have to freeze or else they would happen too fast
[22:58] <cHoSeN-oNe> okay...for example
[23:00] <cHoSeN-oNe> have you seen the beg command
[23:00] <cHoSeN-oNe> ?
[23:00] <cHoSeN-oNe> in JA mod
[23:00] <BloodRiot> yeah
[23:00] <cHoSeN-oNe> okay...it would go something like this
[23:00] <cHoSeN-oNe> ent->client->freeze = 1;
[23:00] <cHoSeN-oNe> ent->client->ps.pm_type = PM_NORMAL;
[23:00] <cHoSeN-oNe> ent->client->ps.saberMove = LS_NONE;
[23:00] <cHoSeN-oNe> ent->client->ps.saberBlocked = 0;
[23:00] <cHoSeN-oNe> ent->client->ps.saberBlocking = 0;
[23:00] <BloodRiot> i've been playing alot in academy lately... exploring it
[23:00] <cHoSeN-oNe> the animation is BOTH_KNEES2
[23:01] <cHoSeN-oNe> if you look in anims.h (in cgame)
[23:01] <cHoSeN-oNe> you will find it there...
[23:01] <cHoSeN-oNe> so all I did, was make it in g_cmds.c to make it available to use
[23:01] <cHoSeN-oNe> the freeze = 1 stops the animation
[23:01] <cHoSeN-oNe> untill key is pressed again to release
[23:01] <BloodRiot> i read ya
[23:01] <BloodRiot> so you open the anim.h file
[23:02] <BloodRiot> then make it available in the g_cmfds.c file
[23:02] <cHoSeN-oNe> ya, look through it and find the animations you want to use
[23:02] <cHoSeN-oNe> right...
[23:02] <cHoSeN-oNe> make a function in g_cmds.c
[23:02] <cHoSeN-oNe> and call that animation
[23:03] <cHoSeN-oNe> however, I made basically 2 animations for each command
[23:03] <cHoSeN-oNe> one when you get on your hand and knees
[23:04] <cHoSeN-oNe> and you also need to one to get up
[23:04] <cHoSeN-oNe> in this case the anim would be BOTH_KNEES2TO1
[23:04] <BloodRiot> i see
[23:04] <cHoSeN-oNe> also found in anims.h
[23:04] <BloodRiot> anims or animtable?
[23:06] <cHoSeN-oNe> anims.h (its in cgame)
[23:06] <BloodRiot> animtable is in cgame.. anims is in game
[23:07] <cHoSeN-oNe> I think they're in both
[23:08] <cHoSeN-oNe> its a shared file
[23:08] <cHoSeN-oNe> :)
[23:08] <cHoSeN-oNe> anyways, open that
[23:08] <cHoSeN-oNe> and you see all the animations...
[23:08] <cHoSeN-oNe> some are commented
[23:08] <BloodRiot> oi see them yeah
[23:08] <cHoSeN-oNe> some arent :/
[23:08] <cHoSeN-oNe> I basically went through them all and found the cool ones, hehe
[23:09] <cHoSeN-oNe> but as you can see they're tons of them
[23:09] <BloodRiot> yeah i can see
[23:09] <BloodRiot> you should add more tho :)
[23:09] <BloodRiot> academy is great for duels with style
[23:09] <cHoSeN-oNe> well, the thing is
[23:09] <BloodRiot> there are more ...mostly the ones reborn use... they are all great
[23:10] <cHoSeN-oNe> in the JA, we have a rule against manipulating emotes for moves
[23:10] <cHoSeN-oNe> cause people can do them to get out of a saber lock for example
[23:10] <cHoSeN-oNe> :(
[23:10] <BloodRiot> might lead to abuses and exploits?
[23:10] <BloodRiot> yeah i getcha
[23:10] <cHoSeN-oNe> yeah
[23:10] <cHoSeN-oNe> I'm working on code now to prevent that
[23:11] <BloodRiot> great then... i'll be keeping my eye on the progress

03-28-2003, 06:25 PM
i will try to get hold of some stuff on force power animations from primesghost when hes back cant find hes tutorial on it with the stuff from the old site

03-28-2003, 10:45 PM

03-29-2003, 04:44 AM
yeap thats hes old post about it lol he did some tutorials that was up on the mod site but therenot up anymore cos the move to php

03-29-2003, 05:49 AM
uh...ok. You mean BloodRiot is Primesghost? Interesting What happened to him? I haven't seen him on here in forever...

03-29-2003, 10:23 AM
Make saber stances like the seven forms? :confused:

Too much work. :)

03-29-2003, 12:05 PM
Sides, according to all the information from www.starwars.com, The PT saber system only has something like 16 basic moves, total. Everything else is just the style of the individual user.

03-29-2003, 04:11 PM
Originally posted by razorace
uh...ok. You mean BloodRiot is Primesghost? Interesting What happened to him? I haven't seen him on here in forever...

there two differnt ppl soz about that not much sleep bloodriots about still same with primesghost hes been in the wars since last year but hes about he's fininishing up uni and stuff but hes still working on the mod with us he should be back about soon