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03-27-2003, 02:12 PM
Ok, heres the problem. I looked for this question and couldn't find it anywhere, so sorry if u answered it a million times (but I dont think you have). I took a texture named "chair.jpg" I got from another map, opened up my photo editor, and changed its color to yellow (it was red). First I saved it as "yellowchar.jpg". Well, it didnt show up at all IN RADIANT under my textures directory gamedata/base/tournament/textures/customtextures/. All the other textures in there work perfectly fine, but this one doesnt even show up in JK2 Radiant! All I did was change the color. Also, I tried changing the entire name to just "yellow.jpg" and that still didnt show up. I even created a new folder and for some reason it wont read it, but every time I try to select it from that folder it says this about it:

Loading customtextures/yellow...failed. Trying Shader... failed. Using default. !! !! !!

What does this mean? I know it doesnt read it now, but what the heck am I supposed to do? This texture IS necessary! I HAVE to get it in there (its a clan map and we all have our own colored chairs :p) So please help me! THanx

Waffle =o )

03-27-2003, 06:59 PM
i think that it should be base/textures/name and try to put it in pk3 file with the same directroy and it should work.

Leslie Judge
03-28-2003, 01:33 AM
Yeah, every texture is in the gamedata/base/textures/<MapOrGroupName>/<TextureName>.jpg/.tga
So the problem probably is that you have a tournament directory in base and a textures in it. You should have the textures directory one level up. That way your yellow.jpg will be gamedata/base/textures/customtextures/yellow.jpg