View Full Version : where to get the plant?????

jeff schneider
11-22-1999, 10:26 PM
i know where to take the plant but i dont know where to find, in one large water room i found a key,and i see a lock and a blue object.i cant seem to reach the platform with the lock . PLEASE HELP!

11-22-1999, 10:37 PM
The plant is at the end of the room with water (under the statue) once in there, you shimmy, drop, jump, jump again, "warning" - means the next jump has to be quick and onto the last..but watch out cause you can over jump it. Into the little room (spider there) and then the key and off you go to the plant.

jeff schneider
11-22-1999, 10:48 PM
i have the key but i cant reach the platform where a lock is and a blue object,is the blue object the plant pot???

11-23-1999, 12:12 AM

Didn't I just post the way back from San Jose on this one?

Anyway: get the key. Jump back towards the entrance. Use the hand-ledge. Shimmy across. Jump. Drop. Jump back to the entrance wall. Whip across. Jump several times. Jump/climb etc. Figure out the last ledge (come back for more if you can't).

Oddly, I had to invoke the key three times to get it to stick in the lock. Musta been a hair out of alignment, although Ctrl made Indy talk about keys and locks and stuff.

The way this room works, they did it backwards. You should have to go for the pot first, then discover the lock and work your way back to the key.

Same with the Monk's bedroom. The catwalk above is the trick, and there's a superfluous door there.


jeff schneider
11-23-1999, 01:45 AM
ok im having trouble landing on the platform in the wter room ,its low to the water,right after you shimmy acroos the top of the entrance you land on a platform,im having trouble landing on the platform under it.you need to get there so you can whip acroos the room,is there a certain way to get to this platform,i kepp on landing in the water.

11-23-1999, 03:47 AM
Jeff, After you shinny across and drop down ,jump to next beam. Walk to edge of that beam, press SHIFT and up arrow and Indy will jump down to a beam by the water, turn back towards the front and jump to beam and whip across.